How to Build a Micro Niche Site and Make Money Easily

Everyone are struggling to make money and lead a better life. They are trying more and more ways to increase their income. Working hard even holidays. When it comes to Blogging, We are blogging for making more money. Many bloggers are trying new ways to make money easily. In this post, you will see how to build a micro niche site and make money easily. 

How to Build a Micro Niche Site and Make Money Easily

How to Build a Micro Niche Site and Make Money Easily

How to Build a Micro Niche Site and Make Money Easily

What are Micro Niche Sites?

Don’t get feared by hearing the name. Simply Micro-niche site means a site that has only a few pages which target only in one main keyword or topic.

So, The success is behind the keyword you selected for the micro-niche blog.

It is very easy to maintain these blogs Because we want only a few contents and niche blogs rank well on a Google search. If you create a high-quality site with good quality content you have a big chance to rank more than other sites.

So, Let’s learn how to build a profitable micro niche site.

Niche and Domain Name

This is the main part of this tutorial. You should find a good profitable niche for starting your blog. There are many niches that you can give a try. But always select one that is much comfortable for you.

If you like automobiles, you can select your niche as racing cars, sports bikes…etc. And your ultimate goal is to make money from this blog using Google Adsense. So, It will be better select a niche that has more searches from the US.

Do some Keyword Research to find the topic. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find keyword ideas, monthly searches, and competition.


keyword planner results

keyword planner results

After choosing the niche, You can register your domain name. Note that your main keyword should be in the domain name because it will help you a lot for ranking well in search results. Check how to choose the best domain name

Setup Your Blog

Before we starting to write Content we want to set up your blog with good theme and plugins. You can choose Blogger or WordPress. But i recommend you to choose WordPress. Hope you know How to create a WordPress blog.

Below is the things i recommend the most for your blog.

Hosting – You want to buy a host space to host your WordPress blog. Hostgator, Bluehost and Dreamhost are the industry kings so I recommend you to go with them.

Theme – You should use Genesis Framework for fast loading. I’m using   Genesis for all my niche blogs and it works well for me. You can easily customize this theme for your needs.


Optimizing your blog for search engines will help you to get more rankings on search results. You want to do both On-Page and Off-Page SEO to get better ranking.Write a quality article which includes keywords and heading tags.Make your article keywords in bold, italic and underlined and Add more images with ALT tags. Build many quality links to your site.

 Content – Traffic

After setting up your blog, you want to write many articles on your blog. You want to find some targeted keywords related to your niche. The keywords should have high CPC and many searches from the US.

But, How to find it. So, Let me say something about the most useful tool i used. It is SEMRush. You can steal your competitor’s keywords using this amazing tool. I’m using SEMRush to find keyword ideas and increase my traffic.

The steps are very simple. First, find the biggest blog in your niche and enter the blog URL in SEMRush dashboard.

Suppose,  I have health niche blog and my biggest competitor is So, I can find their full keywords using SEMRush tool. After getting the keyword list, you can start writing on that keyword and grab more traffic.


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You can download all the keywords from SEMRush. Not only the keyword you can get much information like backlink about your competitor using this Tool. Get  SEMRUSH Now.


You have created a micro niche website which has good keywords. You did SEO and increased the traffic. Now, comes the final part which is monetizing the blog to make money.

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You can either select google Adsense or affiliate marketing to your blog.



In this post, you have seen how to make micro niche site and make money online. Hope you liked this article. Feel free to ask any doubts through the comment section. If you find the blog post useful, Please share it with your social media friends

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