How To Find Ideas For Blog Posts Easily in 2020?

Having trouble to find blog post ideas?

Finding great blog post ideas will bring more visitors and increase your traffic. Check out these great ways to find ideas for your blog posts.

How To Find Ideas For Blog Posts

Each day more than hundreds of blogs are registered. 

It does not matter whether you write for your own blog or do a guest post on a different site.

What matters is the perfect content. In order to be successful, you need to be consistent in updating your blog.

For that, you need the ideas for blog posts.

Here, I have shared some tips to get content for your blogs.

You may be aware of these tips. But you may not have used it. Let’s see how to find ideas for blog posts.

find ideas for blog posts
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Tips to find blog post ideas

Use Google To Get Ideas For Blog

Yes. You can use Google to see the latest trends or hot topic that is currently discussed. You can write a brief post about it.

Just search for google trends and you see the current trending topics or most searched things or person.

Get Ideas From YouTube

Go to YouTube and then search for some videos related to your blog.

After watching the video, you can write about it. But never write word by word that was explained in that video.

You can take the gist of it and write in your own style.

Interpret Quotes

This is one of the new ideas that I found recently. There is a famous quote “Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it”.

You can use the quotes and write a topic related to your blog niche. For example, If you are a business consultant you can write a topic like:

1. All business people are courageous. Is that true?
2. Tips to overcome fear and start a business.

We can also relate this quote to blogging. You can come up with ideas like:

1. How to outshine others and become a successful blogger.
2. How to overcome fear and start blogging right now.

Use Twitter

All Twitter users use their hashtag in their tweet.

You can find the popular and trending tag and you can write a post about it. Suppose there is an upcoming expo regarding social media or workshop by ProBlogger.

You can make use of it and come up with a topic related to it and it may go viral.

You can also interview the owner of the company who launches a new product.

Read: How to build a brand name on Twitter

Use Quora To Find Blog Post Ideas

Quora is the best Question and answer site.  

You can find tons of information on it. You can easily find the ideas for your next blog post on Quora itself. You can check this post on how to use Quora to find blog post ideas

Go To A Coffee Shop Or Shopping

You can see different kinds of people out there. You can observe their behavior and come up with a post.

Watch TV To Find Ideas for blog posts

Unable to believe?

Yes, you can get ideas for your blog by watching Television.

Television is called an idiot by most of the people.

Actually, you can get some blogging ideas while watching television.

Check out the article ” How to Get Blogging Ideas While Watching Television” by Sasidhar Kareti of Amfastech.

Use Tools To Get Blog Post Ideas

There are some tools available online and you can use those tools to get blog post ideas.

For example, you can use Ubersuggest to get blog post ideas.

It can also be used as a keyword suggestion tool for your blog post.

use ubersuggest - tips to find blog post ideas
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use ubersuggest – tips to find blog post ideas

Sleep Properly To Get Ideas For Your Blog

If you work continuously without any sleep, your brain will not function normally. So, it is important that you need to sleep at least  5 to 6 six hours.

Over to you

These were some of the tips “How to find ideas for blog posts“.

Do let me know what do you do when your creative juice is running out of new topic ideas.

What strategy do you use to find creative ideas for your next blog post?

How To Find Ideas For Blog Posts Easily in 2020?
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