How to Display Popular Posts List On Your Website in 2021?

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Wondering how to display popular posts lists on your WordPress Site?

Then you are in the right place. Check out this post and learn how to show your popular posts in a list on your site easily.

Benefits of Displaying Popular Posts List on your WordPress blog?

Following are the benefits of displaying popular posts list on your WordPress site

  • Increases the page views for the selected posts.
  • Reduces the bounce rate when the visitors visit the popular posts at your blog.
  • Readers can know the best performing posts of your blog.
  • Increase the engagement on your popular posts and rank them higher in the search engine.

The Best Plugin To Display Popular Posts

MonsterInsights is the best analytics plugin available in the market which is used by over 2,000,000 professionals across the world.

It has the best features which makes it the best analytics plugin in the market. The best features include universal tracking, real-time statistics, enhanced eCommerce tracking, and custom dimensions.

MonsterInsights can be installed and set up easily in a website within a few minutes.

Wondering why I am recommending you to use MonsterInsights?

It is because I do not want you to spend money in another plugin which does a single function.

Displaying Popular posts is a new feature introduced by MonsterInsights.

Why Should I Use MonsterInsights To Display Popular Posts?

Displaying popular posts in an additional feature provided by MonsterInsights. It reduces the need for another plugin.

It also gives you the option to display popular posts in three different ways.

Popular Posts Widget

If you wish to display the popular posts on the sidebar of your site or at the end of your posts, then you can use this option.

Inline Popular Posts

This option reduces the bounce rate of your site by displaying the popular posts within the content on your posts.

Display Popular Products

If you own a eCommerce site or store, then you can use this option. This option displays all the popular products of your store in the best possible way.

MonsterInsights offers different colors and different fonts to customize the popular posts. You can use them and easily customize the popular posts that suit the theme of your blog.

Display Popular posts
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Display Popular posts

How to Display Popular Posts List in WordPress using MonsterInsights?

You can easily display the popular posts in your WordPress site using MonsterInsights. To do that, please follow the steps below.

Set up the Post Type Custom Dimension

Install and activate the MonsterInsights Pro plugin.

Then activate the dimensions addon.

You can track the custom date of your site and display it on the dashboard of MonsterInsights using Custom Dimensions. It helps you keep track of performance of all the posts on your website.

Click here to get a detailed tutorial from MonsterInsights on how it can be set up.

You would need to wait around 24 -48 hours for the data to be updated in Google Analytics.

Specify How Popular Posts are Sorted

From the dashboard of your website, click on Insights. Then click on Popular Posts.

Click Inline popular posts and then click sort by.

You will get three options namely comments, share counts and curated.

You can choose any of the options

If you want your favorite posts to display, you can choose the “Curated” option and type the posts that you want to add to the lists.

Add The Top 5 Posts From Google Analytics

Follow the steps below to add the top five posts from your Google Analytics.

Click on Insights from the dashboard of your website.

Then click on Popular Posts then Inline Popular Posts then Automated + Curated.

Next, click the Add Top 5 Posts From Google Analytics to switch it to the “on” position.

Add Top 5 Posts From Google Analytics
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At last, click the Check Data / Check Configuration button.

Final Words

That’s all about how to display popular posts of your WordPress site using MonsterInsights plugin.

Want to see the power of MonsterInsights. Give it a try for free today!

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How to Display Popular Posts List On Your Website in 2021?
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