DesignEvo Review 2023: Create the Best Logo for Free Easily

A logo is very important for the business. Be it for an individual or an organization. A logo speaks for your brand.  Today, I have a fantastic tool using which you can make a free logo online. Check out this DesignEvo Review, where I will show you how you can create a branded logo in under 5 minutes.

DesignEvo Review: Create the Best Logo for Free

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DesignEvo Review – Create a free logo

It will be costlier if you plan to hire a designer and create a logo for your brand. Even startups and small businesses cannot afford them. The only way is to look out for the best free online logo maker.

One such program is DesignEvo using which you can create the best logo which any design knowledge. So let’s get started with the DesignEvo Review and see how you can create a free logo for your brand.

What is DesignEvo?

designevo home - Designevo review
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Designevo home

DesignEvo is a web-based free online logo maker from Pearl Mountain. DesignEvo was created to help individuals, small businesses, and startups to create the best free logo online easily.

Features of DesignEvo

  • Millions of Icons
  • Hundreds of Fonts
  • Fully Customizable
  • Drag and drop interface

Types of Logo you can create with DesignEvo

  • Company/Organization Logo
  • Blog/Website Logo
  • Business Logo
  • Wedding Logo

Niches covered in DesignEvo

There are more than 20 niches covered by DesignEvo. Below are the popular niches

  • Art and Entertainment
  • Business and Finance
  • Childcare and Education
  • Industries
  • Sports
  • Medical and Fitness
  • Technology

Steps to Create A Logo With DesignEvo

To create the best logo with DesignEvo, just follow the steps below

Choose Your Preferred Template

Designevo dashboard
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Designevo dashboard

Choosing the category is the first step. Select your preferred category ie Arts or Sports or Technology. Once you choose the category, you will get a list of templates. Just choose the template.

Add Icons and Texts

After you have selected the template, you can add icons, shapes, and text. There are lots of icons available to choose from. There are more than 100 fonts you choose to add the text.

There are two types of fonts – classic and art fonts. Every font is beautiful and well-designed.

You do not need any special skills to add icons and text. You can just drag and drop and everything will be done easily.

Once you are done with editing, you can preview the logo before downloading it. It will help you to visualize the logo.

If it fits your needs, you can download it. Else, you can always redesign the logo.

The downloaded files will be of two types namely JPEG and PNG.

You can check out the video below on how to create a logo easily.

Pricing of DesignEvo

Designevo pricing
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Designevo pricing

There are three pricing plans as shown in the image above.

Free plan

You can download unlimited logos with low-resolution images and PNG files with a background.

Basic plan

The Basic plan comes with a one-time charge of $19.99.  You can download a high-resolution image with a transparent background.

Plus plan

You can download high-quality images with copyright-free images, vectors, and SVG files.

DesignEvo Review – Pros and Cons

Let us see the pros and cons of using Designevo.


Easy to Use

Powerful web-based design software

Compatible with both Windows & Mac

Downloaded Logos are Print-Ready Files


No Option to upload your images or icons.

FAQs about DesignEvo

Is DesignEvo legit?

Yes. It is a completely legitimate one.

Is DesignEvo free?

Yes. DesignEvo is one of the best free online logo makers with over 30,000 templates to choose from.

How to create a logo using DesignEvo?

You can use its editor, templates, and other features to create a good-looking logo for your website. Once it is drafted, you can choose a plan and download it to use.

Final Words

That’s all about the DesignEvo Review. If you own a small business or run a startup, you can try DesignEvo. I hope this DesignEvo review was helpful.

DesignEvo Review: Learn How To Create Best Logo for Free
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Pricing


DesignEvo is an online logo maker that enables people to create professional and fashionable logos for free.

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  1. Hi Umapathy,
    Your DesignEvo review was very helpful. Whenever I see one on a blog or website, I automatically think the writer is an expert on the subject.
    I will start using right now.

    • Hello Vernon,

      Happy to hear that the review was helpful to you. DesignEvo is one of the best tools to create free logo online. You should definitely give a try.


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