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Security Ninja Review 2024: Best Plugin To Secure Your WordPress Site

Are you searching for Security Ninja Review

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this review post about Security Ninja and learn why it is the best plugin to secure your WordPress website.

Why Do You Need a Security Plugin?

WordPress is an open-source and popular CMS for creating websites. About 70% of the websites are created using WordPress.

That being said, WordPress is prone to Hacking and other online attacks. About 10,000 sites are hacked daily.

To protect your site from those attacks, you need to secure it manually or use a plugin.

One such powerful plugin is the Security Ninja. Let us check out the Security Ninja Review and see how you can secure your WordPress website.

Security Ninja Review – Best Plugin to Secure your WordPress site

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Security Ninja Review – Best Plugin To Secure Your WordPress Site

About Security Ninja

Security Ninja is a free WordPress plugin developed by WebFactory.

It checks your site for security vulnerabilities and gets precise suggestions for corrective actions on passwords, user accounts, file permissions, database security, version hiding, plugins, themes, and other security aspects.

It performs more than 50 tests and displays the errors. Not only that it will help you fix those with just a click.

Many plugins make changes to your site without your knowledge. But Security Ninja will not make any changes to your site and you will have complete control of your WordPress site.

How does Security Ninja work?

Security Ninja is a free plugin as mentioned earlier. You can just download the plugin from the WordPress repository.

You can download the plugin here.

Once you have installed the plugin, the dashboard will appear as shown in the image below.

Security Ninja dashboard
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Security Ninja dashboard

Just click on the analyze button and the plugin will do its work and show the results.

Our test results were shown in the image below

Security Ninja test result
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Security Ninja test result

The test took just a minute. Some tests are simple and some are complicated.

Some of the tests it does are

  • file permissions
  • version hiding
  • auto-update modes tests
  • Checks your plugins & themes compatibility and if they are up to date

What I liked about the Security Ninja is how it displays the test results. The test that is passed is shown in green. The warning is shown in orange and the failed ones are shown in red.

The following are the test results with color codes

Security Ninja test result in color codes
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Security Ninja test result in color codes

You can check the details and tips to fix those issues on your site.

Features Of Security Ninja Pro

The Security Ninja Pro version has additional features that are helpful for maximum protection.

The following are the pro features:

Core Scanner

WordPress has many core files. Some are important and some are not.

It compares all your core WordPress files with the master copy maintained by WordPress.org.

You will be able the find the one that has the issues and is able to fix them easily. Perfect for restoring hacked sites!

Malware Scanner

Malware Scanner scans your entire site for Malware and other malicious code. If any malicious codes are found, they will be displayed before deleting them.

Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall acts as a complete firewall to your site. You can block the IP which is used by the exploiters and also you can ban users from logging in.

Auto Fixer

This option is perfect for beginners who do not know about coding and all those stuff. Auto Fixer will be able to fix all the issues on the site with just a click.

Database Optimizer

When content is updated, it loads the database of your site. This option will be able to optimize the database and remove all the unwanted ones.

Event Logger

It monitors, tracks and reports every change on your WordPress site, both in the admin and on the front. More than 50 events are instantly tracked with all the details!

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Price of Security Ninja Pro

The cheapest pro package starts at $39 and works on just one website. The multi-site package costs $79 and can be used on 99 websites. The top package costs $199, but it can be used on 99 sites and your client’s websites.

Security Ninja pro price table
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Security Ninja pro price table

Security Ninja Review – Pros and Cons

Let us see the pros and cons of using Security Ninja.


  • Security Ninja Pro is much cheaper than other security plugins.
  • Performs both some simple and complex security tests within one click.
  • Never Affects Site Speed.


  • No Free Trial.

Final Words

That’s all about Security Ninja review.

Security Ninja will help you protect your WordPress site and will alert you whenever some issues arise or if any malicious code is present on the site.

If you are a person who does not want to compromise on security, then you should give Security Ninja a try.

Security Ninja Review – Best Plugin To Secure Your WordPress Site
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  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Pricing


Security Ninja will help you protect your WordPress site and will alert you whenever some issues arise or any malicious code present on the site.

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