List Of Low CPC Ads To block And Increase Your Adsense Earnings In 2022

Looking for a list of low CPC ads to block?

Then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will see the list of low CPC ads and will block those low CPC AdSense ads to increase your Adsense earnings in 2022.

List Of Low CPC Ads To block And Increase Your Adsense Earnings

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Low CPC AdSense Ads list to block

Adsense is the most popular and greatest way of earning money through monetizing your site.

It is not easy to get your site approved for AdSense and even after approval from Adsense it is not easy for many publishers to earn money.

It involves CTR, CPC, traffic, and other things. Low CPC ads are the main reason for fewer earnings.

I have seen many newbies joining the AdSense link exchange group on Facebook and clicking their links.

They do not know this practice will only harm their AdSense account. Instead of joining these groups, we can block low CPC sites and earn Adsense revenue.

What Are The Benefits Of Blocking Low CPC AdSense Ads?

You will surely benefit and increase Adsense earnings.

All the publishers are not able to target high CPC keywords which give high CPC. But if you are like me getting low CPC, you can block this ad to increase Adsense earnings by 50%.

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If you cannot get 10$ per click, you can, at least, protect yourself from getting 0.01$ per click.

After blocking this ad I found changes in my CPC, I got 0.15$+ for Indian traffic. Before blocking this ad I get 0.03$- 0.07$ per click, so this will help you to increase Adsense earning

Here are your 100+ low CPC ads, block these URLs to increase Adsense earning.

How To Block Low CPC Adsense Ads To Increase Adsense Earnings?

Download the Low CPC Ads List From the Last Section Of this Page.
Open Your Adsense Account.
Click On Allow & Block Ads
Enter Low Ads Advertisement List Which Your Download
Now Click On Block.
You are Done. Now See the changes in your CPC Soon.

List Of 500 Low CPC Ads Lists To Increase Adsense Earnings In 2022

Download the list here


Adsense is a great method to earn money online. We can easily earn more with your current traffic by blocking those Low CPC Ads in the AdSense account.

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