How To Be Successful With Adsense And Earn More Money

As everyone knows Adsense is a free program from Google to earn money. Thousands of articles had been written about earning money from Adsense. You can find several articles claiming that they will reveal the secret to earning thousands of dollars from Adsense.

Many people think that they can leave their regular job and earn through Adsense. There are several websites which claim that you can leave your job and become rich with Adsense.

There are several myths and misinformation spread by some people about Adsense. Let’s see how to be successful with Adsense.

How To Be Successful With Adsense

How to be successful with Adsense and earn more money
How to be successful with Adsense and earn more money

There Is No Quick Way To Get Rich With AdSense

Many people just set up a website with few pages and apply for Adsense. Once they get approved, they monetize the site and dream of earning lots of money from Adsense. People should understand that just monetizing the website with ads will not increase their earnings.

To earn money with Adsense, you need lots of visitors. You need to have a decent amount of unique content. Your site should have some thousands of unique visitors per month and some hundreds of unique visitors per day. You need to have the keywords and most of the traffic should be organic.

To earn a decent amount of earnings from Adsense, you need to follow the recommendations from Google. You can use a maximum of 3 ad blocks, 2 text or link blocks and a search unit. Placements of ad units will also play an important role.

You can see the image below for the placement of ads. Ad units in the darker are the most successful ones.

How To Be Successful With Adsense And Earn More Money 1
Placement of ad unites

Things To Keep In Mind

Google is very serious with respect to their policies. One of the most important is that you should not click on your own ads. You should not ask your friends or relatives to click ads for you. Google can easily find this.

Recently, one of my friend John got approval for Adsense. He expressed his happiness through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  

One of his friends asked him how the process works and he explained to him that he will earn for each click. This guy spread the news to some of his other friends.

They were clicking the ads on John’s site the entire night. When John checked the email the next morning, he was shocked to see that his account got banned from Adsense. His happiness did not last for a single day.

This is one of the mistakes done by newbies of Adsense. They need to read the policies carefully. You can be happy when your account got approved by Adsense. However, it is not advisable to share the news on social networking sites.

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To place Adsense codes on a site, it should have some quality content. It is recommended to place the ads on empty sites ie sites without any content. Also, it will against the policy of placing ads with a pop-up window.

You can refer the Adsense policies here. It is easy to understand and implement.

Success With Adsense

Need to create a site with rich quality and unique content.
Easy to navigate a page.
Placing of ads in correct position where people will see.
Don’t create sites for the sole purpose of Adsense. If people like your content, they will link to ads which are relevant to them. If not, they will just close the window.
Allow the visitors to see your content first and not the ads.


Earning with Adsense is not a hard one. But it will take some years of work hard. You cannot earn some thousands within one or two months. You need a keep a long term plan to earn money. To earn money, you need to create a rich site with quality content and not for the sake of ads.


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