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8 Tips To Stop AdSense Ban In 2024

Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money online. However, getting banned from Adsense happens too quickly for many reasons. In this post, you will learn the 8 Tips to Stop Adsense Ban.

8 Tips To Stop Adsense Ban

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Tips To Stop AdSense Ban

Here are the 8 simple tips to stop Adsense accounts from getting banned from Google.

Never Publish Copied Content

Using AdSense ads on a blog, right?

Okay, the first step to take care of AdSense is:

Publish unique content every time. Never publish plagiarized or copied content to your blog. As it is still the habit of many bloggers that they copy/steal content from other sites.

They don’t know how killer it would be for their blogging career. Not only for my blogging career but also for my AdSense account.

According to a Google AdSense team member:

[alert-announce]Google AdSense has bots that check, and analyze the publisher’s content at specific intervals.

They check whether the publisher is publishing good stuff or not. If the content is found copied, they notify the publisher via Primary E-mail. While, sometimes, they just block the account directly without asking!

I am sure you learned what’s the worth of quality blog posts / unique content in the eye of Google AdSense.

Stop Traffic From Spammy Referrals

Most of the time, fake traffic/spammy visits become the reason behind AdSense blockage. So, in order to secure your account from that, you need to stop traffic from spammy referrals.

Spammy traffic has a bounce rate of around 100%. This spammy traffic can be a reason for Adsense blockage. So, make sure you stop this frustrating traffic!

Don’t Ask Visitors To Click On Your Ads

Mostly, foolish bloggers do that. They do ask visitors, if they like my post, to click on the ads below :p

As I mentioned earlier, each approved site gets examined by the Adsense team. During the examination, if they found that you’re asking visitors to click on your ads. The first policy of Google Adsense is:

Never force your visitors to click on your ads.

Stop ClickJacking By Using The Click Fraud Plugin

Are you aware of ‘ClickJacking’?

ClickJacking is the term that means if a visitor clicks on more than two ads [located on a single page], he/she is doing clickjacking!

More clicks from a single IP (Internet Protocol) can be taken as clickjacking. It is mostly done by spammy bots, haters, and online competitors. ClickJacking is one of the most common reasons behind Adsense blocking.


Install the Invalid Click Protector plugin and you’ve nothing to do now! 

Invalid Click Protector plugin bans the IP from where the user will click on ads more than 2 times (standing on a single page). This plugin can save you from the attacks of haters, spammers, etc.

Don’t Show Adult Content

Never post adult content on your website. Content that does not fit within the laws of your country will certainly get your account suspended and you will not be paid for any Google AdSense income as well.

Posting links and snapshots of Pornographic content are the leading reasons for the account to be suspended.

Paid Traffic

It’s one thing to earn traffic for your Google AdSense-enabled blogs, but using paid traffic is very unethical, not to mention account-banning practice.

Hence, if you want to promote your AdSense blogs fairly, you should do it on Facebook, and Reddit because then it wouldn’t be considered a violation.

Don’t Put Ads On Empty Pages

Yes, that’s important!

Never make AdSense ads live on pages that are empty or low-quality. Sometimes, this becomes the reason behind the goodbye of AdSense 😉

Simply, put ads are where your content lives. The pages that have quality content are eligible for Adsense. putting AdSense ads on empty or low-quality pages increases the risk level!

Know A Blog’s Language

The language of the blog could be a factor in getting your AdSense account banned. This is important because some AdSense users publish articles on unsupported language blogs.

Placing the AdSense code in a blog in an unsupported language is forbidden by Google AdSense’s program policies.

If you translate an unsupported language blog into a supported language, this will also be considered a violation of Google.

Don’t Click On Your Ads

Last but not least, never click on your ads even if you’re testing how these ads work! :p

A friend of mine got Adsense approved last week and made some clicks himself just to check whether the ads are real or fake. Congratulations, he lost his AdSense account :p


That’s all about the tips to stop Adsense accounts from getting banned. Did I miss anything that is important for saving AdSense?

If yes, do share it with me in the comments.

If this article helped you, leave feedback and do share it with your friends!

Have a nice journey ahead!

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