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How To Avoid Plagiarism On Your Blog in 2024?

How to avoid plagiarism on your blog?

This is a question asked by many bloggers.

Blogging is not just about increasing your content with or without any use, just for the sake of making money online.

The real definition of Blogging is to spread your ideas and thoughts in front of the world.

Plagiarism is an illegal online practice that one does just for the sake of increasing site content fast. Let us see How to avoid plagiarism on your blog.

How To Avoid Plagiarism On Your Blog?

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How To Avoid Plagiarism On Your Blog

How Does Plagiarism happen?

It happens with newbies. 

Actually when they try to write new posts but don’t get the exact idea of what to write when they just simply start copying-pasting from other blogs and sites.

They forget that by doing so they are doing something illegal which can make their site penalized by Google Penguin.

If you are a beginner then getting into such type of “idea-less” situation is a sure thing and could be frustrating. But it is not at all a problem, it happens with every newbie.

Nobody is born perfect.

If you have decided to blog genuinely to spread unique content then you’ll succeed no matter what others say.


What is Plagiarism (According to Wikipedia)?

The practice of wrongful representation as one’s work.

People do it just because they make their main aim to increase site content rapidly anyhow, they just focus on quantity, not on quality.

Bad Effects Of Plagiarism

Everybody is so intelligent these days.

Never think that you are the only smart one who can increase his content simply by copying others’ content.

The person whose content you copied can easily identify that you copied their content.

It can affect your online identity as well as your authority.

Everybody has his writing style. If your first language is not English then certainly you make lots of mistakes while writing posts.

Then automatically your readers can understand that your content is copied from any other site.

How To Avoid Plagiarism?

Everybody is so busy in their lives. If you are a part-time blogger, then it could be much harder to spend 1 or 2 hours a day updating the blog daily.

Yes, I do agree with you that updating blogs regularly is an important aspect if you want to gain good rankings on SERPs.

But who told you to update it daily?

If you can update it daily then it is a good thing for sure but if you can’t then no problem.

You can update it every three days basis or if you can’t do that thing too then you can update it weekly or even every 2 weeks.

Just write whenever you get an idea. Make a habit to write in a diary so that you can read it the next time you create a new post.

You can also use AI writing tools or paraphrasing tools to rewrite the content.

Final Words!

Make your only focus to make the internet the healthy & knowledgeable community that it was ever before. Focus on Quality, not on Quantity, and Avoid Plagiarism!

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  1. I have a weird view Umapathy; I take it as props and let it go. I genuinely know; as my presence expands it is impossible to prevent plagiarism. Not only that; I am well enough known to where copy cats will be seen as frauds by my community.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂



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