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How to Become a Successful Blogger and Make Money in 2024?

Want to become a successful blogger?

That’s good.

But do you know the secrets which are mandatory to be a successful blogger?


Okay, don’t worry.

We’re here to explain to you how you become a successful blogger and earn huge money from your blog.

Many people who failed in earning money online via different false methods are finally landing in the field of blogging.

Genuinely no one here in this world hates money or does not want to earn money but the fact is that everyone wants to earn money via the shortcut method which is absolutely wrong.

You know mainly students are jumping into the blogging era to make money online.

The number of new bloggers increasing day by day because making a blog is a very easy job nowadays.

But everyone should realize that blogging & becoming a successful blogger is not an easy job where you can earn money very easily.

So, here I am going to give you some useful tips or valuable suggestions to become a successful blogger and earn huge money.

Take these tips seriously because these are the things that I have observed from many successful bloggers who earn thousands of dollars every month by just affiliate marketing and blogging skills.

So, here is the list of incredible points.

How to become a Successful Blogger?

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Steps to Become a Successful Blogger

Hard Work

To be a success in the ant field, hard work is the most important thing. Nothing comes easily to anyone.

If you see successful bloggers, they definitely have their own stories of the hard work they put in.

This hard work may involve your time, brain, etc. But you should also know that hard work without any interest is absolutely a mere waste thing. If you want to achieve something, you should love doing that.

There is no need to explain your hard work to others because it always reflects in your work. So, I consider this an essential thing for a blogger.

Be Unique

Uniqueness is the thing by which you will be seen differently from others.

In Blogging, there is a lot of competition and there is a need to keep your content and your work unique from others.

One of the best examples of uniqueness is Neil Patel, as he was the unique content sharer and now he has become a brand itself.

If you think that you are different and unique, you will be identified by many other bloggers and soon you can reach heights.

Take Inspiration

In blogging taking inspiration from other bloggers is the best way to keep yourself motivated every day.

Whether it may be in the content or it may be on the income earned you should take inspiration from the successful bloggers and should hope someday you could also reach those heights and be among them.

I’m also taking the inspiration to motivate myself by reading the monthly income report of Harsh Agarwal, Pat Flynn & others who make 5-6 figures amount monthly.

Not only take inspiration, but you should also clear your doubts, take some tips from them, and should maintain a nice rapport with fellow bloggers.

At times, we may lose the blogging mojo. In that case, you can use these tips to beat writer’s block.

Be Creative

You should be a little creative to be successful in blogging. Whatever you want to say to your readers, you should be enough creative to tell them in an interesting way by giving some examples, etc.

The whole story of blogging is explaining what you know to others, so your creativity plays a major role in the success of your blog.

Establish Yourself

I have seen some bloggers participating in Facebook groups and forums with fake profiles and names.

It is highly not suggested because in blogging we should share our knowledge with others but should not spam everywhere. In order to be successful in blogging, you should establish yourself as a nice blogger among the fellow bloggers community.

Everyone should feel you as a friend and highly recommended person for any doubts in blogging etc whatever field you are perfect in. So, establish well yourself in the field of blogging.

Help Others

Helping others is the thing which I feel is very important personally because we can learn more by telling something to others.

Even if that is me or you or anyone, everyone needs some other help sometimes. So, if you expect help from others then help others too.

The other side of helping other bloggers is getting famous among the blogging community which can increase your traffic too.

Never Give Up

This is for the people who give up easily.

One thing you always keep in my mind is that the minute when you want to stop doing something is the minute when you are actually close to your success. So, never ever give up on anything.

If you have an interest and ambition, nothing can stop you. And I personally believe that great things happen slowly but not suddenly.

Don’t run behind Ads or money

The last thing does not run behind the ad sense or money-making at the beginning itself.

You first establish yourself in this field and learn all the basic methods or strategies that are needed. Running behind the money without knowing anything is always a waste of time.

Final Words

In this post, we have seen how to be a successful blogger. So, don’t waste time doing unnecessary things.

It is always a matter of content and quality of your blog that can flood your blog with millions of dollars.

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  1. Hi Umapathy,

    Well explained. One should be strong on basics to taste success. These 8 steps are the basics on which bloggers should be strong. I see that you are writing regularly these days on this blog. Congrats!!

  2. Hi Moorthy,

    Thanks for your kind feedback.

    Umapathy accepts guest posts and hence I was able to contribute to this blog. If you are accepting guest post on your blog, let me know and we will discuss about it.


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