10 Useful Tips for New Bloggers to succeed in blogging

Starting a blog is easy, making it successful is not! According to a recent survey, there are more than a million blogs and 900,000 blog posts are written per day. That is a lot of competition. Very few of these blogs are successful. Here are 10 useful tips for new bloggers that will help on their way to success.

10 Useful Tips for New Bloggers

Spend Time Writing

Do not write every post in a hurry. Always proof read your posts and check if there are any improvements you can do. The more time you spend on your posts, the better they will be.

Read and Research

Before you write about something, have complete and reliable information on that topic. Do not write anything you are not sure about. Read other blogs in your niche and stay updated about your field.

Useful Tips for New Bloggers

Useful Tips for New Bloggers

Design Your Blog Well

The design is also important for your blog. Spend time finding a good template.  Whether you are using Blogger or WordPress, a good theme is important. There are many providers which provide best WordPress Themes. You can use Genesis, MyThemeshop Themes which offers best SEO optimized light weight WordPress Themes.

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10 Useful Tips for New Bloggers to succeed in blogging 1

Do not get Distracted

There are many distractions online for bloggers. You may be tempted to spend your time on social networking and forums for promotion. But remember that the content comes first!

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Hold on

Do not give up too soon. Success does not come easily! Keep writing good content.

Be Part of a Community

Do not be a loner, participate in Social Networks for bloggers and Blogging Forums. Maintain a healthy relationship with other bloggers.

Stick to Your Topic

Do not ramble too much. Stick to the main topic of your blog.

Avoid Temptations

When new bloggers hear about Adsense or any other ad network, they think of dollars and put lots of ads on their blog. This has two serious effects. First, the page loading time increases and second, you look like a Black Hat to a new visitor.

Use the right Link Building Techniques

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Use the right link building Techniques. Get more niche relevant backlinks to your site. Maintain a ratio between the do-follow and no follow backlinks.

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Resist Link Exchanges

I am active in the blogging community and have noticed many link exchanges. Many users are tempted and exchange their links blindly. This should be avoided. You do not need to (read should not) exchange links with too many blogs. Exchange links with blogs that have the same topic as yours. It is best if you get a link within the content. They are more useful for SEO than sidebar links.



In this post, we have seen the 10 basic Useful Tips for New Bloggers to succeed in blogging. I hope these tips will be useful for you. Feel free to add any other tip to the above list.


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