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7 Tips To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral Easily In 2024

Several people think about how to make a blog post go viral. They keep asking this question to themselves and also other bloggers. You cannot make a blog post go viral on your first attempt. You should have the skills. You need to do the hard work. You need to create value for your viewers. Let’s see how to make your blog post go viral.

There are several bloggers out there. But only a few people succeed and become famous. But it doesn’t mean others are not working hard.

Some percentage of bloggers who create viral content works hard until they get lucky. Then they work on their strategy and identify their strengths.

Some follow the footsteps of successful bloggers and become a success. Some others keep asking the same question.

They are either impatient to do the hard work to become successful or they are lazy.

For these people, viral content is only about the share counts on the social network. They do not believe in creating value for their followers.

According to Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

You need to create content only for people and not for the bots of a search engine. You need to make the content more valuable. You should not create content just for exposure.

The secret to creating blog posts that go viral is the following important factors.

Professionally Criminal Negligence.

Most bloggers create a post that only they want to create.

Though they should have created the one their readers want.

Many bloggers create a post that their readers want. But they fail to know what their readers want.

Still, many bloggers create a post their readers want. But they fail to create the one their readers also like it.

Last but not least, many non-techie create a post best for their readers but trash for search engines.

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral?

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Tips to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

It means there are FOUR conceptual steps in the right direction if you want to know how to make your blog post go viral.

  • Correctly know what your readers want
  • Create a quality post your readers also like
  • Promote the post to make your readers click on it and also
  • Fully know what search engines love

So to make your blog post go viral you need to follow the following steps to make it viral post.

What Your Readers Madly Want?

To know what your readers insanely want you to need to follow these five steps.

  • Read your readers’ comments on your blog and check what they are asking and what they are wishing to do.
  • Also, read comments on other blogs and see what commenters are saying about your niche.
  • Search on main social media what stuff people are sharing and how people are responding to them.
  • Visit online forums and read the discussions there on your niche.
  • Go to Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo Answer and check what people are asking about related to your niche.

After researching all the above places now sum up:

  • What is the main question people are asking?
  • What main concerns on a topic they are sharing?
  • What are their fears, dreams, desires, and frustration related to your niche?

Then you can pick the most-asked and widely expressed point from the list to take it as a topic of your next blog post

What Your Top Competitors Are Sharing?

Also, visit your competitor blogs. Examine what type of content your competitors are sharing. How they are covering a topic. What they are covering and what they are not covering.

Are their readers fully happy with their content or want more?

So you can make a list of:

  • All those points your competitors didn’t cover.
  • The points they couldn’t have covered comprehensively.
  • The points which their readers want more.

Do you know now how to write a blog post your readers madly want?

Now you are clear about what your readers want. Also, you know what your competitors are not offering which your readers want.

This is the space where you can create a post.

Brainstorm Your Idea

Now you have a clear idea of the above points. It’s time to brainstorm your idea in light of your explored idea.

The easiest way is to write whatever is coming into your mind related to your topic.

  • Write everything that is coming into your mind
  • Rewrite them in an order that means a related point in a series
  • Then remove those points that are repeated
  • Then correct the remaining points to consolidate
  • Finally, make one sentence on which to create your next blog post that must go viral. It is also called a one-liner.

Create Fascinating Outlines

Once you have a one-liner of your post you can expand it into several points. It is called the outlines of a post.

These are sub-points that help you make different parts or segments of your post.

Create The Initial Headline

After reading the outlines you can create the initial headline of your blog post. It may not be just one headline. Write as much as you can and then move to the next step.

Do Keyword Research to Please the Search Engines

A blog post is created for both people and search engines. In previous steps, you did your general research to create a post for people.

Now Search What Search Engines want

Here the main challenge is to know what search engines want out of what people want.

Still with me? Great.

Uber Suggest is the best tool to know the related phrases of your initial headline.

Your initial headline (as pointed out above) is the main point of your one-liner. In our example, its main topic is “a unique and free source of more traffic”.

Use Google Keyword Planner

With Google Keyword Planner (GKP) check the number of searches of all phrases you got from Uber-Suggest. Pick those phrases with more than 1000 searches by your target audience.

In GKP you can put the countries where you want to bring people to your blog.

For all those keywords with more than 1000 monthly searches pick those most related to your main topic.

Coin a Long-tail or Phrasal Keyword

Your highly searched and related keyword would also show their level of competition as “Low”, “Medium” and “High”.

Most of the highly searched keywords have “High” or “Medium” competition. So to search the low-competition areas you need to convert your keyword into a long-tail keyword.

It is so simple just write the keyword in at the address bar of your browser. You would get a few phrases that were longer than your keyword but also be covering it.

So from that small list of long-tail keywords pick the one most fit to put in your initial headline.

Google What has Already been Shared

Google your highly searched and related long-tail keyword and check what has already been shared on it.

So you need to explore that space where no one or hardly a few posts were created and your post could be a good addition to it.

Again Look who is Ranking at the Top

Also, check which posts related to your researched topic are ranking on top.

Are most of them created by top blogs or is every Jack and Smith ruling on top there?

Search the Space Where you can get your Place on Top

If only top bloggers are ranking high it means you have to work harder and harder to make your post equal to theirs.

If so many struggling or newbie bloggers are also ranking high it is an opportunity for you to replace them with your post.

You just need to put the highest level of quality in your post.

In either case, you are in a win-win position so move ahead and don’t think more.


You need to attract people to come and read your blog. How can you attract people to your blog?

You can attract people if you do the following:

Write about current trends.
Write about leadership qualities.
Write spicy posts like controversial things or about things that tempt people.
Write about case studies.

Here is the post by Enstine Muki which tempted many people to click on his post.

With this trick, you not only tempt your existing followers to read your post but also get new readers.

Engage with your readers

You should not only attract people, but you should also engage with them. Engaging with your viewers is very important.

You can write about posts that help people solve their problems or give solutions.

You can write posts that answer specific questions. You can write about How to’s and technical guides. You need to do your tactics and create value for your viewers. By this, you can create trust among your readers.

To learn how to engage with your readers, follow the Engagement superstar Adrienne Smith.


That’s all about how to make your blog post go viral.

I like your patience and keen interest to learn how to write a blog post that must go viral.

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