How to Increase Traffic to your site using Pinterest in 2020

Wondering how to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this complete guide and learn how you can increase traffic to your site using Pinterest easily.

How to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest

There are many content marketing tips and tools available online to increase traffic. In this post, I am going to share one of them. 

Everyone has heard about Pinterest. But how many of you are using it seriously to promote your blog.

Pinterest is one of the powerful social media. Once you utilize it fully, you can see an increase in your blog traffic.

Pinterest comes third on Facebook and Twitter. It would be wise to utilize this. Let’s see how to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest.

How to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest
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How to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest

By following the tips provided here, you can increase the traffic within a month.

How to increase Pinterest followers

For the first half of the month, you need to work on increasing the followers or building your audience.

This is a very important part here.

If you have loads of content and there is no one to read it, all your efforts will go in vain. Hence, it is necessary to grow your audience.

1. Click on the search menu which is present on the top of your Pinterest dashboard.
2. Type in the niche you like. It may be blogging or social media or WordPress or SEO.
3. You will get four options namely all pins, your pins, boards, and pinners.
4. You need to select the last option as they are our targets.

Pinners are people like you and me. To increase your audience and promote your site, you need to interact with the pinners and follow them.

follow pinners
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follow pinners

Once you have followed them, say 20 people a day, there is a 50% chance that those people will also follow you. But remember you should not spam. Else, you can be banned.

To maintain healthy relations, like their pins, comment on them and also share their pins. This will increase the chance to follow you.

Let’s assume that you have a decent amount of followers. Now comes the next part.

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Pinterest Boards

You need to focus on your boards. Boards are very important as they are one of the sources of traffic. You can create a board easily from the dashboard.

Just click on the board and click create. You can refer the image below

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Create Pinterest boards

Enter the details and make your board as a group so that others can add a pin to your board. You need to create at least 8 to 10 boards. Out of that, 7 should be a niche from yours and remain from others.

Join group boards so that you gain maximum traffic. There are two ways

1. Comment on one of the pins on the board that you wish to join the group.
2. Send a private text to the admin of the group.

Connect other platforms

You have the option to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I recommend you to connect both your accounts.

It is because once the pin is published on Pinterest, it will also be done on Facebook and Twitter. It saves you time.

Rich Images

Once you have created boards on your account and connected other accounts, you need to create content-rich Pins and images. Only rich images will attract viewers.


In this post, you saw “How to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest“. Do the above steps regularly and increase your audience. Add the Pin it button to your site and share content regularly.

How to Increase Traffic to your site using Pinterest in 2020
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