GreenGeeks Review 2021: Is It The Best Host To Build Your Site?

There are a lot of things to consider when you select the web hosting. It is rare to find a good web hosting with affordable price and performance. In this post, you will GreenGeeks Review and learn whether it is the best host to build your site.

GreenGeeks Review 2021

You may have many questions on your mind.

Is GreenGeeks web hosting good? Is it worth the amount?

Is it a reliable hosting provider?

After reading this post, you will get your questions answered.

In this GreenGeeks Review post, we will cover everything you need to know in order to make a decision.

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GreenGeeks Review

About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks takes pride in themselves offering eco-friendly services. They are the World’s number one green energy web hosting provider.

It was started in the year 2008 in California, USA and has a workforce spanning over 100 plus countries.

GreenGeeks Review: Best Features

Some of the notable features of GreenGeeks are as follows:

SSD Storage

The hardware of the server plays an important role in the performance of your website.

Most of the web hosting providers offer HDD storage. GreenGeeks offer SSD storage which improves the performance. They offer Solid State RAID-10 Storage Arrays for fast page loads.

Latest Technology

GreenGeeks provides the latest technology in order to improve speed. It has PowerCacher, MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP7, and free CDN.

Eco-Friendly Data Center

Data centers consume a huge amount of energy. Two third of that energy is spent on cooling and air conditioning.

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, puts back three times the energy they consume in the form of renewable energy.

Free Domain

You do not need to register a domain separately. It offers a free domain when you purchase their plan.

No Hiden Fees

Most of the web hosting providers upsell add-ons to you. But GreenGeeks does not upsell anything. Also, there are no hidden fees.

Performance Of GreenGeeks

Performance is an important thing for Web Hosting service. Excellent performance is required to offer the best user experience. To offer the best performance to its users, GreenGeeks offers the following.

SSD Hard Drives

Files and databases of the website are stored on the SSD configured in a redundant RAID-10 storage array.


It has in-house caching technology which helps to serve favorite applications efficiently and reliably.

HTTP/2 Enabled

It has http/2 enabled protocol which is the latest network protocol to offer faster page loads in-browser. 

PHP7 Enabled

Php7 is enabled on all the servers. You can enjoy faster PHP execution.

LiteSpeed And MariaDB

Offers the LiteSpeed webserver and MariaDB database server which allows the read/write data faster.

Free CDN

Free CDN powered by Cloudflare allows you to cache content and serve it from servers closest to your visitors for faster web serving.

According to Pingdom, our test site was faster than 94% of other sites. Below is the test result

GreenGeeks Speed Results - GreenGeeks Review
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GreenGeeks Speed Results

Following is the bitcatcha test result for server responding time.

GreenGeeks Bitcatcha results
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GreenGeeks Bitcatcha results

Data Centers Of GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks offers data centers in 4 different locations namely

Chicago, US
Pheonix, US
Toronto, CA
Amsterdam, NL


GreenGeeks offers the best support round the clock. They offer chat, phone, and email support.

They are known for their fastest response time.


You will get unlimited bandwidth, free domain and SSD storage on all hosting plans.

With GreenGeeks, you can always upgrade your hosting whenever you need it.

Below are the plan details.

Shared Web HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$2.95 / mo.
WordPress HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$2.95 / mo.
VPS 1 GB RAM25 GB1000 GB$39.95 / mo.
Dedicated Entry Server500 GB10,000 GB$169 / mo.
Reseller 10UnlimitedUnlimited$19.95 / mo.

Overall Pros And Cons

Let us check some of the advantages and disadvantages of the service.


Eco-friendly data center.

SSD Storage for all plans.

Free domain.

No hidden fees.


Most of the data centers are located in the U.S.

Final Words

That’s all about the GreenGeeks Review.

GreenGeeks offer a variety of hosting plans. If you are not fully satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

If you are looking for a web host that offers all the best features and also eco-friendly, then GreenGeeks is the best choice for you.

GreenGeeks Review: Is It The Best Host To Build Your Site?
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GreenGeeks offer a variety of hosting plans. If you are not fully satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

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GreenGeeks Review 2021: Is It The Best Host To Build Your Site?
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