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Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide For 2024: How to use Pinterest for Blogging?

Worried about How to Improve Your Reach and Promote Your Brand? Use this Ultimate Pinterest marketing guide and learn how you can increase traffic to your site using Pinterest easily.

Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

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Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

Look at all the successful marketers. Do they look different from you? Definitely not.

Then what makes them successful and stand out from the crowd? Have you ever thought about that?

When they share a single photo or video on Pinterest, they get thousands of visitors to their website.

How is it possible for them?

Don’t worry. Now it’s possible for you too. You can also drive thousands of visitors to your website without any magic spell.

But, are you ready to drive thousands of visitors to your website?

So, tighten your seatbelt, and let’s go.

But, before getting started, remember one thing, you are not going to be a master in one day.

It takes your time, effort, and your patience to achieve this greatness.

Are you ready to learn the secret of becoming the Pinterest marketing king?

Let us learn about the Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide to becoming a successful Pinterest marketer.

Fall In Love With Pinterest

Did you ever fall in love with Pinterest?  Just look, it is made for you. Look at its design.

Doesn’t it inspire you to take action?  It looks awesome and feels great.

Peoples use Pinterest for keeping up with a thing, which inspires them. Things, which make them happy or things they desire and want.

And this is the reason why you want to fall in love with Pinterest.

This is a success mantra of those successful Pinterest marketers, which I have analyzed from their regular Pinterest activity.

They have fallen in love with Pinterest and Pinterest marketing. They keep sharing and keep inspiring people and people start loving them.

The more they share, the more people love them and care about what they have shared.

It helps them to get the user’s attention and spread their content viral. Then just start falling in love with Pinterest.

Become A Power User

What is a power user?

It is nothing but a regular contributor to a great thing. You can also become a power user by using the product regularly and continuously.

If you really want to become a successful Pinterest marketing king, then you need to become a power user of Pinterest. Share great things and contribute more.

The chances are more that people will love what you share or contribute. They start loving you and care about what you share.

Those entire successful Pinterest marketers are power users of Pinterest and that is the reason why they receive a high amount of traffic to their website.

Tips for you

Become a power user of Pinterest and start sharing things that other people love. Inspire your followers by sharing and contributing great content to your Pinterest board

Once you gain exposure, the chances are more that people will love you and help you to make your content go viral.

Learn The Peoples Tendency

What people tend to your content always matters.

If you are able to grab people’s attention, then you are on the way to becoming a successful Pinterest marketer.

What kind of content do people like?

Here is your answer that I reveal from those popular Pinterest marketers.

Quality Images: Quality images always matter. It grabs your user’s attention. People love visually appealing, colorful images more than low-quality, less appealing images.

Good Image Size: I noticed that images that are taller, get more repins and go viral faster, than images that are smaller in height. People like to repin more images that are lesser than 4000px.

Original images: Peoples like to repin images, which are original. I noticed that Images, which are real and high quality get more repins and go more viral than normal text or plain background images.

Tips for you

Always share original images that are appealing to your users. Choose an image that is high in quality, appealing and original.

It helps you to grab more followers’ attention and more repins.

Use Pinterest Badges

Pinterest badges are a great way to promote your content through your blog or website.

It is a great way to get more followers and more repins directly from your blog or website.

Let’s take a look at the following Great badges offered by Pinterest:

Pin widget: In this widget, you can use your best pin for your website shared on Pinterest. This widget helps you to get more repins from your blog or website.

Profile Widget: A profile widget is another great widget offered by Pinterest to directly follow you from your website or blog. This tool helps you to increase your Pinterest followers.

Board Widget: Board widget is a great badge to offer you the best pins to your users on your website or blog. Using this widget, you can grab more user exposure and attention.

Tips for you

By using the above-mentioned widgets you can get more repins, more followers, and more traffic directly through your blog or website.

The Perfect Timing

One of the negative points of Pinterest is that its pins have a very short span of life. You have very little time to spread some magic over your users and to get their attention.

The experts say that you will get a maximum of 20 to 30 min to grab the user’s attention through your content.

To avoid this situation, knowing your perfect time for posting a pin is most important.

I analyzed the perfect timing of those popular Pinterest marketers to spread their content on Pinterest.

It seems their content goes more viral in the morning between 10 AM to 12 PM and some prefer an evening time between 4 PM to 7 PM to spread their content goes viral.

Tips for you

Find out your perfect time to pin when your users are online.

This will help you to plan your marketing strategy to go your content viral by sharing it with your users.

Post two to three pins at different times. It will help you to know which time your pins go viral.

Always Pin Fresh Stuff And Know What Users Want

Pinterest users love to share new and fresh content like other popular social media users.

Always try to pin fresh content to your pinboards rather than repining the old one or a pin that has already existed. Search the web to discover the great content that you can share on Pinterest.

Don’t share content that does not interest your users. Try to look at what your users want and pin it according to them.

Most successful Pinterest marketers know what their users want and share according to them. It helps them to spread their content viral.

Examine what appeals to and interests your users. By knowing your user’s choices, it gets lots easier to pin them.

Tips for you

Look at what your users are sharing on Pinterest. Curate your content according to them.

Know your users and “what they want from you”. It will help you to make your content go viral.

Build Relationship With Others

Building a relationship with others is a great way to get success in your Pinterest marketing. Don’t pin or repin your stuff all the time.

Always pin or repin, share and comment on others’ pins or from blogs. It will grab their attention and they will look at your pins.

Most successful Pinterest marketers use this strategy in their Pinterest marketing to spread their content.

They respond to each comment they get on their pin to keep user engagement.

Tips for you

Don’t share only your content on Pinterest. Look at other users’ pinboards also and try to share their content.

Comment on other user’s pins. It will help to attract more users. Go to the web and collect the content which feels more appealing and pin them to theirs.

Use Proper Tags And Call To Action

Tagging and calling to action is the most important part to force your users to take action. This is the way to get more repins and more followers to your account.

Know what type of call to action suits your Pinterest pin and add proper tags according to it.

Learn from others about how they call their users to take action. Some popular Pinterest marketers always follow tagging and call to action in their pin to get more repins and followers.

Tip for you

Add a call-to-action text when you share your content with a proper # tag in your call-to-action. It will help users get noticed, of your pin, and get more repin as well as spread your pin viral.

Use Tailwind App

The Tailwind app is the ultimate Pinterest Scheduler. It is used to automate your Pinterest strategy. Check out this guide on “How To Use Tailwind To Explode Your Pinterest

Final words

That’s all about the Pinterest Marketing Guide.

The given strategies are used mostly used by successful Pinterest markets. It is the most useful strategy you need to implement, to do your Pinterest marketing in the right way.

By understanding and implementing the steps in this Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide, you will achieve the following things.

  • You will understand the Pinterest platform better.
  • You will know the Pinterest user’s tendencies.
  • It will help you to get to know, what your users want from you.
  • You should find, what is your perfect time to spread your pins.
  • You will understand which kind of images, tags, and call to action suits your pins.
  • It helps you to know the power of relationships in your Pinterest marketing.
  • You achieve lots of things to become a successful Pinterest marketing king.

Now, it’s time to implement it with your content. If you want to add, anything or you might think I missed or forgot to add anything in this manual then let me know by commenting.

Don’t be selfish and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends to help them to become successful in Pinterest marketing. If you learn it, then spread it to others for learning.

I hope the ultimate Pinterest marketing guide is useful to you. Share this manual on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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