Tailwind Review 2019: The Best Tool To Schedule Pinterest Pins

I started using Tailwind a few months ago and I am loving it. Here, I am sharing my honest Tailwind Review and how to use Tailwind for Pinterest to increase your reach and traffic.

Tailwind Review 2019: The Best Tool To Schedule Pinterest Pins 1

Tailwind Review: Is It The Best Tool To Schedule Pinterest Pins?

Tailwind Review - Best Tool for Pinterest
Tailwind Review – Best Tool for Pinterest

What Is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an awesome tool that is used to manage and schedule Pins on Pinterest. It is useful for both bloggers and business owners. Tailwind is an official Pinterest marketing developer partner for content marketing.

Tailwind has great features which include Smart Scheduling, Tribes, Analytics & Monitoring, Multi-Board Pinning, Pin By Email, etc.

Tailwind App is very smart. It analyzes each pin and shows you the result. You can track the underperforming pin easily.  Tailwind has made my job easier for scheduling pins.

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Before And After Tailwind

Before Tailwind, I was pinning manually all day on my weekends. On weekdays, I was pinning all the free time I got. I had no idea whether it was the right time to pin or not.

Before Tailwind - Tailwind Review
Before Tailwind

After Tailwind, all my pins get pinned at the right time. My Pinterest reach and engagement has increased. I can see the growth of myself on Pinterest.  Below is the snapshot of the analytics after I started using Tailwind.

After Tailwind - Tailwind Review
After Tailwind
Tailwind Review 2019: The Best Tool To Schedule Pinterest Pins 2

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How To Use Tailwind To Schedule Pins?

Adding Pins

Follow me to know the steps to schedule pins on Pinterest.

I would request you to bookmark this page if you have time only to skim the page.

After you log in to Tailwind, you will see the dashboard as shown in the image below

Inside Tailwind Dashboard - Tailwind Review
Inside Tailwind Dashboard

To schedule a pin, go to the publisher tab and click on scheduled pins. You will get the screen as shown in the image below.

Schedule a pin - Tailwind Review
Schedule a pin

Click on “Chrome Extension” to install the browser extension. Based on your browser, the extension will change.

For example, if you are using Firefox, it will show Firefox Extension to install. It gave me the option to install Chrome Extension as I was using Google Chrome.

Click on the Tailwind Extension on your browser’s toolbar.

It will display the images on the site to pin. Choose the image you want to pin and click on the schedule button.

You can select either schedule now or save later option.

schedule option
schedule option

If you select “Save for later” option, the pin will be saved on the drafts section. You will schedule it later at your convenient time.

If you select the “Schedule Now“ option, it will ask you to enter the board name. You can add the pin to more than one board. I have added the pin to the board “Awesome ABC”.

scheduling to a board

We will talk about Tribes and SmartLoop later on this post.

Apart from using Tailwind Extension to pin the image, you can also upload the images on bulk from your computer.

Scheduling Pins

Tailwind has a smart schedule feature. It suggests the best time to publish based on the time people are active on Pinterest. However, you can add as many time slot as you wish.

Pinning schedule - Tailwind review
Pinning schedule

Suggestions by Tailwind will be shown in dotted lines. Once you accept it, it will turn green. Pink ones are the Smart Loop pins which I will explain later.

Tailwind Review 2019: The Best Tool To Schedule Pinterest Pins 3
To view the scheduled pin, click on “Scheduled Pins” section.
Scheduled Pins - Tailwind Review
Scheduled Pins

From the image, you can see the Scheduled Pins on Tailwind. There are 7 Pins scheduled to be published. If you wish to reorder or reschedule the pin, click on the time on the right corner.

Smart Loop Feature

Smart Loop is a great feature introduced by Tailwind recently. It is still in beta stage. Smart Loop is nothing but repeated pinning of specific content for a particular time or the whole year.

Let us see how the Smart Loop feature works.

When you click on Smart Loop Feature, you will get two options namely Evergreen and seasonal.

Smart Loop Feature - Selecting Loop
Smart Loop Feature – Selecting Loop

Evergreen loop shares your best content all around the year. Seasonal Loop shares the seasonal content for a particular time you set. For example, you can share the Christmas, Halloween and Black Friday deals using the Seasonal loop.

Once you select the loop, you need to enter a name for it and choose the boards where you want to publish the pin.

Smart Loop Pins
Smart Loop Pins

Here, I have added 22 Pins to 3 boards to be shared around the year.

Board Rules

If you belong to a board, there are rules to be followed. If you violate the rule, you may be removed from the group board. With the board rules, you can set the number of pins to be shared.  The smart loop gives you the option to set the rules for each board.

Board rules - Tailwind review
Board rules

SmartLoop feature is not yet available in all accounts.  If you want to be a beta tester, you can always email Tailwind and ask.

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Tailwind Tribes are similar to the group boards on Pinterest. Idea behind is to find the like-minded people and share each other’s content regularly.

There are many tribes available on Tailwind. You can choose the right tribe based on your niche. For the trial account, you will have 5 Tailwind Tribes.

You can also create your own tribe and ask people to join your tribe.

Tailwind Tribes solves two main problems of a blogger. They are

  1. Loads of quality content.
  2. Making your content visible to the right set of people.

Finding a tribe is very easy. Click on Find tribe and enter a keyword or category based on your niche.

Joining Tribe - Tailwind Review
Joining Tribe

Here, I have entered the keyword Lifestyle and it displayed the available tribes. You can choose the tribe which has a high number of members and activity.

Weekly Tribe Report

Each week, Tailwind will send you a weekly report of your tribe. It will show the performance of you and your tribes.

Analytics and Reporting

On the insights section, you can check the reports and the performance of your pins. Let us see each of the option available under Insights.

Profile performance

Profile performance will display the followers, Pins, Repins, and comments for each week. It will also display the virality and engagement rate.

Board Insights

Using this option, you can check the performance of each board. It will display the insights for total and last 7 days. It also displays the virality and engagement rate for each board.

Pin Inspector

You can track the performance of each pin using this option. It will display the comments and the number of reshares it received.

You can use the filter to search by category, board, or your website.


You can see the number of Pins and Pinners in this section. It will also display the Potential Impressions.

Organic Activity

You can see the performance of your latest pins on organic activity. It will also display a word cloud which has the keywords used on your pin.

organic activity
organic activity

Referral Traffic

With referral traffic, you can see the Visits, Visitors, Pageviews, and Revenue.


Tailwind is available for Bloggers and Small Business at $9.99/month. It includes all the features above, plus access to five Tailwind tribes and 30 monthly tribe submissions.

Start with a free trial where you can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest. The trial account does not have any time limit. You can use the account until you publish 100 Pinterest pins.

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Final words about the Tailwind Review

That’s all about the Tailwind Review. If you are looking to increase your Pinterest reach and traffic, then Tailwind is a perfect choice. It saves your time by scheduling pin at the right time.

Tailwind Review: Is It The Best Tool To Schedule Pinterest Pins?


Tailwind is the best tool to schedule your pins and save valuable time.
  • Features
  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
  • Price


Tribes to share relevant content and grow your audience. Smart Loop Feature Schedule pins faster with Board Lists Has app for iOS.


Lack of Android App.

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