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FastComet vs A2 Hosting: Who Is The Winner in 2024?

Fastcomet and A2 Hosting are two of the promising web hosting companies available now. In this Fastcomet vs A2 Hosting comparison post, you will learn which is the best among the two.

FastComet vs A2 Hosting Compared: Who Is the Winner?

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A2 Hosting Vs FastComet

Both FastComet and A2 Hosting have emerged as the best hosting companies over the years. It is certainly difficult to choose between these two.

For those who are stuck in between and not able to reach a decision, it is important to first comprehend the various aspects of the two companies and then, see which of these two companies fulfills your purpose the most.

FastComet vs A2 Hosting: Overview

A2 Hosting was founded in 2001 and it has been doing a great job since then. It is also one of the web hosting providers which offers blazing-fast speed.

Fastcomet was founded in 2013. It can provide great service and maintain transparency in the industry.

FastComet vs A2 Hosting: Speed & Uptime

Speed is an important factor for a website. The performance and rankings depend a lot on the speed of the website.

For this comparison, we have set up two test websites and checked the performance of those sites. When it comes to speed, A2 Hosting has more features. It also has A2 Optimized WordPress installations.

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A2Hosting Speed Result

The site hosted on A2 Hosting took 285 ms while the site hosted on Fastcomet took 1.01 seconds.

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FastComet Speed Result

The site hosted at FastComet had an up-time of 99.6% and the site hosted at A2 Hosting had an up-time of 99.98%.

FastComet vs A2 Hosting: Support

We have contacted the Fastcomet support team many times just to ask some simple questions.  They were always fast to reach and were friendly too. This applies to both live chat and emails.

While A2 Hosting support may not be as fast as fastcomet, all their support executives are very knowledgeable to help you with a difficult task.

A2 Hosting also offers live chat, email, and phone support.

FastComet vs A2 Hosting: Data center locations

FastComet has data centers in 8 locations around the world. They include Chicago, Dallas, and Newark in the USA, Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam in Europe, and Singapore and Tokyo in Asia.

A2 Hosting data centers in 4 locations namely Arizona, Michigan in the USA, Amsterdam in Europe, and Singapore in Asia.

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FastComet vs A2 Hosting: Pricing & Renewals

With FastComet, you can start as low as $2.95/month. The price of A2 Hosting starts at $3.92/month.

While the cost of the renewal with FastComet is the same, it is the same with A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting has a high renewal price after the promotion ends.

FastComet vs A2 Hosting: Free Domain

Everyone likes a free domain when they purchase a web hosting plan. While you do not save huge money, you can save at least $10.

FastComet offers a free domain for a lifetime with all the plans. However, A2 Hosting does not offer any free domains.


That’s all about the Fastcomet vs A2 Hosting Comparison.

Both FastComet and A2 Hosting offer high quality service. You can see a difference only in terms of their pricing.

Fastcomet is cheap when compared to the starting and renewal price of A2 Hosting.

According to me with all the features and amazing speed, A2 Hosting is the clear winner when compared to FastComet.

If you wish to get a web host at a good speed with a low renewal price, then you can choose FastComet.

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