Best Google Adsense Alternatives In 2023

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Google Adsense is the best Ad network through which we can earn a huge amount of money.

Many webmasters are making an enormous sum of money via Google Adsense and with programs similar to AdSense.

So when any newbie wants to start earning online, he looks for Google Adsense first and then the best Google Adsense alternatives.

The approval process of Google Adsense is very hard for any newbie.

There are certain terms and conditions given by Google, which need to be fulfilled by your blog for getting approval from Google Adsense Team. So then newbies face a big problem.

Again if the newbie gets the support successfully from Adsense then again the rules are very tough.

If your blog doesn’t follow any one of the rules of Adsense, then they will ban your account.

And if Google bans your account then they never unban your account. So this whole process of Google Adsense is quite confusing for any newbie. So it is better to focus on Google Adsense alternatives.

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Best Google Adsense Alternatives

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Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Here is the list of Alternatives to Google

  1. Revenuehits
  2. VigLink
  3. InfoLinks
  4. Buysellads
  5. Yahoo Bing Network
  6. Chitika
  7. Adcash
  8. Skimlinks
  9. Adversal
  10. Propeller Ads


One of the Google Adsense Alternatives is RevenueHits. It is started in 2008 by MyAdWise LTD. This Ad network works from CPA. The approval process for this system is very easy.

You just need to sign up for their program and then you can start earning. The minimum payment threshold is just $20.

You can receive your payment by wire or Paypal.  This is the best way to make contextual ads and Geo-targeting ads. The coverage area of this network is worldwide.

You can target any country for your earnings in this network. It has an advanced platform that learns from your Ads so if you want to give a try to this platform, then make sure to run an ad for 3 to 4 days for maximum outcome. RevenueHits provides different channels for your blog.

You can create banners, sliders, pop-ups, etc. to increase your earnings via this program.

This Ad network is entirely different from others. Earning money via this system is very easy for any newbie.

Account verification is very easy. You just need to sign up and verify your Email address.

Viglink converts the common link into affiliate links. If someone purchases from your link, then you get a commission out of it.

This network provides three types of monetization techniques.

In the first method, they convert your link into affiliate links. In the second method, they take the keyword from your site and turn them into affiliate links. In the final process, they offer connection sharing via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a well-known in-line text advertising network well suited for high-traffic websites. This will show you the ad related to your content.

Infolinks converts some keywords from your site into advertising links. When someone clicks on that link, you get paid for it.

You can get your payment via Paypal, Cheque, or bank transfer.

If you want to get your money via Paypal, then the minimum payout is $50 and for bank transfer minimum payout is $100. You can also use another ad network with Infolinks to increase your blog revenue.


It is a marketplace for buying and selling ad space on your blog. This is one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives for blogs and websites.

To work with this network, you need to have good traffic on your blog. If you have little traffic on the blog, then this system will not approve your blog.

This network will check page views, Alexa rank, and PR before passing your blog.

Once you get approval from this network, it is very easy to set up an area on a blog for Buysellads.

You can transfer your money via a Paypal account. There is not any minimum payout for Paypal.

Yahoo Bing Network (Media.Net)

This is also known as This is a contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing. It offers high-paying ads.

It provides various types of ads like content ads, search targeting ads, etc.

If you have an excellent blog, then the approval process of this network is easy for you.

This is not open for public sign-up. But you can request an invitation.

The rules of this network are strict. So it is preferable to read all the rules first and then go for monetization.

This is also known as its suspending account without stating any reason.


Chitika is an advertising network with over 3, 00,000 publishers. The Biggest advertising partners for Chitika are Yahoo and SuperMedia. The best thing about Chitika is it shows ads related to site content.

This will increase the chances of clicks on an ad. If you want your payment via Paypal, then the minimum payout is just $10 and for the check, it is $50.

Chitika is the best for you if you are getting most of your traffic from search engines.

The main benefit of Chitika is you can safely run Chitika with Google Adsense. So you can earn from both networks at the same time.

Chitika has an affiliate program also. So you can make some more money by referring new members to Chitika.


This network was founded in 2007. This is best for you if you have little traffic.

It provides ads in various resolutions. It works on a CPM basis. So you can get paid for each impression of yours.

It provides ads in various formats such as banner ads, footer ads, background apps, etc. it serves ads in 250+ countries.

The main aim of this network is to provide a user-friendly platform for you. So you can target your audience and accordingly you can monetize your blog.

Skimlinks is a content monetization platform for online publishers. This is started in London in 2007. Skimlinks automatically convert your product link into an affiliate link.

When any user buys something from that link, you get a commission for this. You get 75% of the amount and the rest of the 25% amount is deducted by Skimlinks.

This also provides you URL shortener for your blog. So it is very easy to share them via various social networks.


If your blog is getting 50,000 page views per month, then you should go with Adversal to get monetized.

The approval process for this platform is very easy if you get these many page views. You need to wait for 3 to 4 days to get your consent. They offer various banner sizes and types.

This ad network is among very few networks that have affiliate programs. The minimum payout for Adversal is $20 via Paypal.  These also allow languages other than English.

Propeller Ads

This was started in 2011. But at present, it is one of the biggest platforms by a large CPM.

If you have a blog on entertainment, dating, videos, and games, then this is the best way to monetize your blog. It pays on a NET 30 basis.

They have an excellent fill rate for tier 3 countries as well.

If you are struggling to get monetized traffic from South Africa, Singapore or India then with Propeller Ads you can earn well.

If you have good mobile traffic, then this network will be best for you to make your blog.


So as of now, you are having a good idea about the alternatives to Google Adsense. The best way to make a blog is definitely Google Adsense.

But if facing one or the other problem with Google Adsense, then you should go for its alternatives. You can try Adsense Alternatives which are listed above.

The above options work well if you have good organic traffic. So first you should concentrate to drive more traffic from search engines. You should maintain your post frequency, increase your backlinks by Guest posting, etc.

Once you have the organic traffic it is very easy to monetize from any of the above ways. If you are using any of the above ways to monetize, do comment below. We would like to listen to your favorite way.

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  1. Thanks for this nice article. This article provided a great list of best Google adsense alternatives. I really loved your list and but adding to this list, since last three months i am using ad network. Although this is a new ad network yet it has very useful and innovative features like make affiliate earnings along with publishers and advertisers account and many more.

  2. Nice article. But you forget to add BidCrux ad network to this list. This is also high paying with good CPM ad network which uses header bidding to increase publisher earnings.


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