SEMrush Review 2023: No.1 Tool To Steal Your Competitor’s Traffic

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SEMrush Review: Is It the Best?

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SEMrush Review – Best Tool To Steal Your Competitor’s Traffic

Before heading up to my honest SEMrush review, let me tell you my story. I started blogging 5 years ago with a technology blog.  

I got many page views and a good page rank for that. But I didn’t make any money from that blog. So, I shut down that blog after one year.

Then I started my new blog with little knowledge about Blogging, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing that I learned in my first year of Blogging. In a short span of time, it made a lot of money, a lot of readers, and a good rank.

But Still, there was a problem. Quality Traffic!

Yeah! At that time Quality, targeted traffic was a problem for me to attract more advertisers and make more sales. Most of my readers were Indians and they are not ready to spend any bucks to buy anything using our affiliate link.

So, I started hunting for US Traffic. I searched for US groups on Facebook and Google+ and joined them. Tried Facebook post boosting, and added many targeted US friends on Facebook.

But, these tactics were not enough to attract more quality readers.

Then I found SEMrush !!!

Actually, this tool changed my life. SEMrush helped me to increase my traffic. This tool made my job easy to find keywords for my niche blogs. You can understand what is SEMrush and how it helped me after reading my SEMrush review.

So, I want to share how SEMrush works and how this hell is going to help you. Read my SEMrush review here.

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a tool to do Competitor Research, Keyword Research, Analysis, and Management.

According to me, it is an essential internet marketing tool for every blogger. With SEMrush you can find all keywords of any site which is driving massive traffic to that site.

Using SEMrush you can spy on your competitor’s site and find their Keywords, Traffic sources, Backlinks data, and more from a single dashboard.

Still, confused about how it can be beneficial to you?

Then I will call you FOOL

Using this tool you got your competitor’s complete keywords and traffic details right? Then you can steal the keyword and write quality content on that keyword.

How To Use SEMrush?

So you got a clear idea about SEMrush and let me teach you how to use SEMrush and describe each and every function.

First Go to SEMrush and click on Register. You can create a free account now. But, you want a Pro account to enjoy full access to SEMrush.

Using a free account you can only see a few keywords and all other functions are also limited.

After Creating a Free SEMrush account you are able to access the SEMrush Dashboard. Go to the dashboard.

Once you create an account, sign in and go to your dashboard. Enter a competitor’s domain into the field at the top of the page.

For example, I have given as my competitor. You can give any site to your competitor and then select the country (Always take the US for better results) and click on Search.

Now we can discuss each and every part of the analytics report by SEMrush.

Semrush analysis of incomediary
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Semrush analysis of income diary

Domain Overview Report

So, You can see a quick Domain overview report for the database of your competitor.

Here you can see the complete statistics of your competitor like SEMrush rank, No. of keywords, Traffic, Traffic cost, and paid search details if that site is used.

Apart from that, you can see the total no. of backlinks and the traffic growth graph of the site on a yearly basis. Great right

Organic Search Data

If you’re seeing SEMrush as a way to steal your competitor’s keywords this is the important part for you.

Here you can spy on your competitor’s complete Organic search data. You can see the no. of keywords, traffic, traffic cost, and traffic-keyword graph here.

Top Keywords

This is the part we want to use the most. Here you can see all the keywords with their statistical detail and related keyword which you can rank for.

Let me explain all the fields of this report.

  • Keyword – Keywords which is getting traffic from Google.
  • Position – Position of the blog post for the given keyword on Google.
  • Volume – The Average number of search queries for the given keyword for the last 1 year.
  • CPC –  Average price in US Dollars advertisers pay.
  • URL – The URL displayed in search results for the given keyword.
  • Traffic % –  The share of traffic driven to the website with the given keyword for the specified period.
  • Costs %  – The estimated price of the given keyword in Google Adwords.
  • Competitive Density – A Competitive density of the advertisers using the given term for their ad.
  • Results – The no. of URLs displayed in organic search results for the given keyword.
  • Trend – The interest of searchers in the given keyword during the last year.
  • SERP source – A snapshot of the search engine result page (SERP).

Apart from this, you can see Keyword Position Distribution, Main Competitors, and Competitive Positioning Map in this section.

SEMrush will give you data about Backlinks, TLD Authority, TLD Distribution, and referring Domains of your competitor. You can check the backlink and analyze it.

TLD Authority: TLD Authority will show you the referring domains with Top-Level Domains (TLD) that are considered as most valuable. (.gov, .edu, .com, .net, .org)

In the TLD Authority section, you can see the no. of domains referring to different TLDs.

TLD Distribution: TLD zones show referring domains distribution depending on their Top-level domain type.

Here you can see the no. of referring domains from all TLDs. Click on View full report to see all TLDs referring to your competitor’s site.

How Much SEMrush Costs?

SEMrush has a free plan which allows limited features and limited access. If you want to enjoy all the features of SEMrush you should move to an affordable premium plan. In the premium plan, you can access,

  1. 10,000 results per report
  2. 3,000 reports per day
  3. API access (200,000 units)
  4. 1 simultaneous session
  5. Display advertising research
  6. Tracking: 500 keywords and 5 campaigns

You can get a complete report of your competitor’s site on the SEMrush pro account.

If you want to spy on other blogs and steal their traffic and keywords, Click Here to Buy a SEMRush Pro account.

SEMrush Review – Pros and Cons

Let us see the pros and cons of using SEMrush.


  • Intensive keyword research.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Provides detailed information about Visitors.
  • Help identify Toxic Elements.


  • Too big to handle.

Final Words About SEMrush Review

I hope this SEMrush review was helpful to you.

Personally, I recommend you to use SEMrush and hope this tool will help you to increase your blog traffic and earn more money.  

Make use of this offer and wish you all the best.

SEMrush Review - No.1 Tool To Steal Your Competitors Traffic
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Personally, I recommend you to use SEMrush and hope this tool will help you to increase your blog traffic and earn more money.  

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