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WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms: Which Is The Best in 2024?

Are you looking for the best WordPress form builder? Trying to figure out which form builder to use on your website? In this post, we have compared the 3 best WordPress Form Builders WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms so you can decide which one is better for you.

Before we dive into the comparison, let us see why you need a contact form on your website or blog.

Top Reasons Why You Need Contact Form

Let us see the top reasons for using a contact form on your website.


Security is the top reason to have a contact form on your website. When you place your email address, it is easier for the bots to find it and increase the spam emails in your inbox.

With a contact form, you can reduce spam.


Placing a simple contact form on your website will appear more professional than placing your email address directly.


Using a contact form on your website will allow visitors to contact you even when you are not online.

WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms: Which Is The Best?

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WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms

Overview: WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms

What is WPForms?

WPForms is a beginner-friendly contact form using which you can create a form within minutes.

It comes with many features and it is easy to customize.

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a mature WordPress plugin using which you can create advanced forms for your website.

Initially, it was used just like a contact form. Now, you can use it for post-creation, calculators, employment applications, and more.

What is Wufoo?

Wufoo is an online form builder using which you can create a form easily.

It is not only used for creating contact forms but also for reports and collecting payments.

Let us compare WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms and see who wins the race. For the comparison, we have used the following criteria


Ease of Use


Ease of Use: WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms

Let us compare the ease of use between WPForms, Wufoo, and Gravity Forms.

Wufoo: Ease of Use

Wufoo is an online form builder using which you can create forms and share them. It has a drag-and-drop feature to create the forms.

To create a contact form, just drag the fields you wish to add to the form and click on “save form“.

In the image below, you can see the dashboard of Wufoo.

Creating forms in Wufoo
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Though it is easy to create the form, it takes time to customize it. Also, the interface of Wufoo looks quite outdated and ugly.

When you embed the form onto your site, you may lose the styling. To customize it, you need to know how to code.

WPForms: Ease Of Use

The interface of WPForms looks quite cool when compared to Wufoo. WPForms offers a lot of templates.

To speed up the process of creating forms, you can select from one of the pre-made templates.

When you select the contact form, it will have all the fields required for a contact form.

If you wish to add more fields, you can add easily them from the available options.

Let us have a look at the contact form created using WPForms.

Contact form created using WPForms
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Gravity Forms: Ease Of Use

Gravity Forms is a mature WordPress plugin.  You can create everything from a basic contact form to multi-page conditional forms.

Gravity forms use a drag-and-drop builder. However, the user interface looks ugly when compared to WPForms.

Features: WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms

Let us compare the features of WPForms, Wufoo, and Gravity Forms.

Features of Wufoo

Wufoo has all of the features that a contact form has.

Conditional logic is one of its strongest, it allows you to show or hide fields, jump to different pages, and set up up to 50 form rules.

Other features include form analytics, smart captcha, payment features, coupon codes, user management, and advanced analytics.

You may also accept and store files uploaded by users.

Wufoo is integrated with the most popular payment processors so you can accept online payments with ease if you are using Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Chargify, USA ePay, or FreshBooks.

Features of WPForms

Following are the features of WPForms

Entry Management: manage all form entries right in the WordPress dashboard in an organized and easy-to-understand way.

File Uploads: enjoy unlimited file uploads. Plus, easily view them, save them to your Media Library, and even access them in the notification you receive when someone submits a form.

No Limits: Create as many forms as you want, with as many form fields as you want, and accept as many entries as you like, no matter which plans you choose.

Online Signature Capability: collect signatures from site visitors right on your forms for things like contracts and agreements.

Smart Conditional Logic: create as many conditional logic rules as you want, on as many forms as you’d like so your users have the best experience possible and your forms convert.

Features of Gravity Forms

The following are the features of Gravity Forms:

  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-page forms
  • Honeypot and CAPTCHA spam protection
  • Track entries in the database
  • Payment integrations – good for order forms
  • Email marketing service integrations
  • Limit # of form entries – good for contests
  • Date picker fields – good for bookings/appointments
  • Schedule form – only make the form available for certain dates
  • Create posts from form entries – good for front-end submissions
  • Zapier integration – good for automation
  • CRM integrations – good for managing leads

Price: WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms

When features are the same, the price will be the deciding factor.

Price of Wufoo

Wufoo has one free plan and 3 premium plans. The basic plan starts at $14.08/month and the highest plan goes to $74.08/month.

Price of WPForms

WPForms has a free lite version. The paid plan starts from $39.50/year for the Basic plan to $299.50/year for the Elite plan.

Price of Gravity Forms

There is no free version of Gravity Forms. Instead, you get three different premium versions.

The basic plan starts at $59/month, the Pro plan costs $149/month and the Elite plan costs $259/month

When you compare the pricing, WPForms wins the race.

Conclusion: WPForms vs Wufoo vs Gravity Forms: Which is Better?

In terms of interface and user-friendliness, WPForms wins.

If you are looking for just a simple contact form, WPForms wins the race compared to Gravity Forms.

WPForms and Wufoo have a free lite version. Gravity forms do not have one.

If you need email marketing integration, you’ll have to go with the $99 version of WPForms.

Overall, I say go with WPForms if you’re a regular user.

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