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3+1 Unique Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Easily In 2024😀

Unique ways to make money from your blog?

You must have read hundreds of ways to earn money from your blog. Some of them work well and some others suck badly. 

It is because all the ways can’t be good for all people. It depends upon your blog traffic which method is best for you. But here I am mentioning four unique ways to make money from your blog.

You can pick the one most fits you. Do check if you can achieve your money-making goals with it. If not, it will madly suck.

If your content doesn’t convert, these ways will not work. If your audience is just window shoppers so don’t follow these ways.

3+1 Unique Ways To Make Money From Your Blog 😀

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Unique Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

It is a must to know what your blog audience really wants before trying these ways. Else they will simply click on your money-making links but will not buy.

The following are the 4 unique ways to make money from your blog. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Share Your Story

The submit-your-story kind of series is getting popular in the blogosphere. Many bloggers publish Bloggers of the Week or bloggers to follow a kind of series on their blogs.

So you can create outlines of this type of post that requires a blogger to mention the products or services that made him famous and successful.

So you can put affiliate links into them. Those who would admire the success stories of your series would surely like to buy the affiliate links used by your featured bloggers.

Success Story

Once you cross the beginner level and become an established blogger you can share your own success story on a page.

You can show it on your sidebar or within your About page.

So while telling your readers about how you reached a higher level you can mention all the plugins, tools, and courses that made you achieve that much success.

Here again, you can put affiliate links in your recommended solutions.

About Me Page

The “About me” page is usually about you. It is an amazing tool to engage your readers. It is an opportunity to bring again its readers to your blog by influencing them.

Usually, you share those aspects about you which impress your readers. It is not just your success stories but all about you.

It’s more about your professional life and equally about your personal life.

It actually is a way to befriend your readers. So while befriending a reader it is also wise to give him valuable advice.

Everyone knows value can never be free. So your advice will surely be on price. Did you get my point?

While telling about you do mention all the resources that helped you a lot. If you did a professional course do mention it with its affiliate link.

If a book has changed your vision about something do mention it with its affiliate link.

Or if a report or forum or training took you to the height of excellence don’t you want to share it with your would-be friends?

What if you put an affiliate link within it? Buyers have to pay the same price if they earn a commission or not.

Your personal story should be so impressive that readers can’t resist clicking on your link. Else they would not even look at that product if you fail to impress them.

Make them want to be like you. For that, you have to prove you are worthy of following, and if someone is like you he would also be admired by all.

He would also be spending a happy life like you are doing.

So create your about page with the thought you not only have to tell your readers about you but also influence them to desire to become like you.

Once you convince them, they would happily click on your recommended resources and buy them also. So its commission will go into your pocket.

Interview Posts

What you get in a blog interview post. About the personal and professional life of a top blogger. About his achievements, hurdles, milestones, etc.

Take the interview of a top blogger who usually suggests more premium solutions to his followers. So he would give some advice to your readers.

Don’t ask him a direct question like which premium theme is best for fashion bloggers.

Instead of that coin your question as with thousands of themes available it becomes so difficult to pick the best.

Would you suggest a few that you think are the best fit for your niche bloggers?

So put the affiliate link on his recommended themes.

Final words about the unique ways to make money from your blog

So these are the four unique ways to make money from your blog. Simply you need to follow a proper strategy to make it happen.

Just creating ordinary content and putting affiliate links in them hardly works. You need to create highly engaging content for each type. For selling PLR products your sales page must be insanely convertible to make people trust you.

Have you tried any uncommon ways to earn money with your blog? How was their result? I hope you would share your experience with us in the comments section below.

How did you find these five ways? Do you think they can work or still have any doubts about all or any of them? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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