10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online With Micro Jobs in 2023

Wondering how to make money online with micro jobs?

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Make Money Online With Micro Jobs

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Ways to Make Money Online With Micro Jobs

Microjobs meaning small tasks run on the concept of receiving a small fee for a small task.

These may include online tasks, real-world tasks, crowdsourcing projects, website testing, surveys, etc.

There are companies that pay you for doing a smaller portion of a bigger task.

They pay you either in terms of cash or online rewards depending on which site you have chosen for micro-jobs.  In this post, we will see the list of websites to make money online with micro-jobs.

Some of the popular sites that run micro-jobs are:

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon provides microtasks on the concept of HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks).

This could include a transcription of business cards into forms, or transcribing audio into a video.

After the completion, the task goes to an approval post in which the payment is released via the Amazon account.

Visit website here

Click worker

This site gets you paid for writing, transcribing, researching, and collecting data.

You need to create an account, fill out your profile and complete a qualification test.

You can bid on jobs that fit your skillset and requirement.

There is a minimum of $1 payout through SEPA bank account transfer or via PayPal.

Visit website here

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This site pays you for completing simple tasks on your computer.

This can include data collection, internet search, content creation and moderation, and taking surveys.

Visit website here


This site pays for doing tasks like online profile verification, writing, marketing, etc.

There is a good payout of $15-20 for various profiles. For bigger projects, some tests are mandatory to pass.

Visit website here

Easy Shift

Easy shift pays you for tasks done on your iPhone.

You complete a shift by checking prices, and products, clicking pics, etc.

The payment is made 48 hours after the completion of the task. The payout can be from a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $2.00 to $20.00.

Visit website here


On this site, you do not search for the bid for jobs but post according to your skillsets within $5.

Once a sale is done, the site takes a minimum of $1 and the rest of the amount is transferred to your PayPal account.

Visit website here


SEOClerks is another great site micro jobs site similar to Fiverr.

SEOClerks keeps a 20% commission for every gig you sell through them.

In the SEOClerks marketplace, you will find Article Writing, Link Building, Logo designing, Article read-proofing, Blog commenting, Social media, and too many other awesome gigs that can boost the business of any online entrepreneur.

Visit website here


This site pays you for routine tasks like taking surveys.

Watching videos etc. You instantly earn $5 once you join. The offers can fetch you $0.25 to $30. Some of the offers may require a credit card but you can always skip those and opt for no-card ones.

Note: This site is available only for US residents.

Visit website here


One of the micro-jobs platforms, here you can get paid for taking surveys, playing games, and even using your browser normally.

You earn in the form of Swagbucks which can be redeemed for Amazon, Starbucks coupons, etc.

Visit website here


This site pays for small gigs like blog writing, application testing, surveys, etc.

You need to create an account and start bidding for gigs. The minimum payout is $5 via PayPal while the fees are taken care of by Gigcoin.

Visit website here


That’s all about the easy ways to make money online with micro-jobs.

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