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10 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students Without Investment in 2024

Are you looking for part-time jobs for college students without investment?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn about the part-time jobs that students can do without investment.

Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students Without Investment

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Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

A college student is usually in possession of very little money.

These days we all have access to the internet. It gives all the resources. Students who go to college or school can make easy money with the help of the Internet.

Here is the list of the 10 best part-time jobs for college students without investment.

Transcribe Audio Files

One can earn money transcribing audio files online in your spare time. You need to take care of accuracy and good listening skill for the same.

The sites below do not require any prior experience and you can start from the word go:


Quicktate is one of the legitimate sites that pay you regardless of your experience.

You get $1 for every 400 pages but the work is not consistent. You can have a lot of files to transcribe or you can have nothing.


Transcribeme.com is another great site you can earn money.

Here you can transcribe short audio files at a rate of $15-$22 per audio hour.

Speed and efficiency matter. Although the pay is lower than the industry standards, you can take this as a stepping stone to becoming a qualified transcriber.

Tigerfish Transcription

Tigerfish has been a leader in transcription services for over 20 years

Here one can manage to get $15 per hour to $60 per audio hour.

This site hires you without any prior experience as well.

Make Money With A smartphone

Different apps can be downloaded on your phone which pay you to accomplish simple tasks.

These can be taking the picture of a menu, a specific restaurant, or real-time information. Some of the sites that pay you for such stuff are Juno Wallet, Gigwalk, CheckPoints, WeReward, etc.

You can also join some microtask sites to earn quickly. You can check the post How to make money from micro-jobs

Sell Your Old used books

Students can sell books online and make a buck out of them.

The most popular sites where you can sell books are Amazon.com and eBay.com.

You can list the items for sale and choose a price.

You can check what a book already was sold for and base your price accordingly.

Some of the books that can give you an idea of the price are abebooks.com, alibris.com, bookfinder.com, and biblio.com.

You need to make sure that you do not pay more money unnecessarily for a book than you can earn for it.

Participate In Paid Focus Group Studies

You can participate in paid focus groups that are sponsored by research companies.

If you qualify for a focus group, you get paid for your opinions. You are paid in the form of cash or gift cards.

eg http://findfocusgroups.com/

Read: How to make money from selling photos

Copyediting Job

The process of certifying a piece of writing with accurate and clear information is copy editing and it is a step process from proofreading jobs.

The editing work is done using MS word. You need to look for the following:

– Grammar and spelling mistakes

– Exact illustrations and captions

– Look for legal problems

– Remove repetition of words

– Check punctuation.

Some of the sites that offer copyediting jobs are AcademicWord, EditFast, Pure Content, etc.

Share Your Knowledge With Skillshare or Code Academy

If you are good at teaching others and have good knowledge about specific subjects or if you know how to code then you can earn money at Skillshare or code academy.

You can place teasers on Youtube and link off to paid courses.

Become A Babysitter

Babysitting is one of the great part-time jobs for college students to earn money. Before starting you need to establish:

– Rates

– Location

– Experience

– Age and number of babies

– Time of day and night

– Special needs

– Housekeeping

– Transportation

You need to set expectations beforehand once you take up an assignment.

Ask for family rules and where things are.

What is children’s routine and what are you supposed to do when they sleep?

Last but not least, who to contact in case of an emergency.


Proofreaders help website owners catch mistakes before posting content online so that they do not lose any visitors.

They check for grammar, spell checks, and punctuation and get paid for it. You need to work on your proofreading skills continuously.

Basic computer skills are required. You can also go for formal training for proofreading.

Websites that specialize in providing proofreading and editing services include Cyberedit, Grammatika.com, EditFast.com, Mulberry Studio, Proofread NOW, and Wordfirm.

Freelance marketing sites include Elance, Guru, and Odesk.com list clients with jobs, and you bid competitively with other freelancers to win the job.

Get Paid To Write Online

If you have a penchant for writing and are good with words, you can try writing online for an extra buck. Some of the ways you can do that are:

– Writing on a how-to site – Slow and need to be highly dedicated

– Articles where you are paid from $2 to $40

– Try ghostwriting

– Create a blog and start writing about interesting topics

– Join Freelancer.com etc and look for projects which call for writing

Capital typing

Capital Typing is an outsourcing company that hires freelancers to perform data entry tasks. Some of the home-based tasks that they provide are:

– Secretarial Services – Admin support to individuals and large corporations

– Transcription – Legal, medical, or general

– Data entry – data extraction, research, database development, etc

– Online customer support etc


I hope you have learned about the list of part-time jobs for college students.

Please don’t forget to give your valuable comments. Kindly share this post with your friends. Stay connected.

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