How to Create A Poll in WordPress Easily in 2021

Wondering how to create a poll in WordPress?

Then you are in the right place.

In this post, you will be able to learn the benefits of creating polls and how to enable them on your WordPress site easily.

Difference between Poll and Survey

Though poll and survey looks the same, they are different.There are few differences between poll and survey.

A Poll is used when you want the visitors to answer some quick and simple questions about the website.

A Survey is more in-depth than polls and they are used when you want to ask many questions to the visitors.

It is used to gauge the opinion of the people and used to find about their experiences.

Benefits of Creating a Online Poll

There are many benefits of running a poll on your site. Some of them are:

  • Product Owners or Marketers can get instant feedback about their product.
  • News Publishers can get the results of how people reacted about the news.
  • Magazine owners can know the needs of the subscribers.

Things Needed to Create a Poll in WordPress

There are dedicated WordPress plugins available in the market to create a poll. But there is no need to add more plugins to your website which affects your site speed.

You can use the Formidable Forms which is basically a form builder plugin. Formidable forms are one of the best feature-rich plugins available for WordPress.

Survey and Polls feature is one such feature offered by Formidable Forms that helps you create a poll or survey easily on your WordPress website.

There are many reasons for our recommendation of Formidable Forms. Some of them are

  • Ability to create multiple forms
  • Display the poll results after the voting
  • Ability to place it anywhere on the site

How to Create a Poll in WordPress 

How to Create a Poll in WordPress
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How to Create a Poll in WordPress

You can create a poll in WordPress easily with the help of Formidable Forms.

Make sure you have the Pro version of the plugin. Install the plugin on your website, create a poll form, embed it, and publish the form on your site. 

Let us see the steps in detail.

Install and Activate Formidable Forms

Download and install the latest premium version of the Formidable Forms.

Activate the plugin and verify the license key so that you can enjoy all the pro features and updates.

Formidable forms verify license key
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You can find the licence key on the dashboard of your Formidable forms account.

Create a Poll Form

Create a Poll in WordPress using Formidable Forms
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Follow the steps below to create a poll form in WordPress:

  • Click on Formidable from the dashboard of your WordPress site.
  • Click on Forms and then click on Add New to create a new poll form.
  • Drag and drop the required fields to the form builder area to create the questions for the poll.
  • After that, drag and drop the radio button for the poll answers.
  • Click on the Field options on the left side to change it to multiple-choice answers.

Note down the form ID which is required in the next step.

Multiple choice responses in a poll
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Update Form Settings and Publish it

Now, you need to change the submit button text. For that, go the Settings page and then click on the Styling and Button section.

Change the submit button text as “Vote“.

changing the submit button text
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If you wish to display the poll results after voting, you would need to insert a graph shortcode in the Messages section which is located at the bottom of Settings tab.

To show a simple pie graph, you need to use the shortcode displayed below:

[frm-graph fields=”462″ type=”pie”]

If you face any difficulties inserting the code for the graph, check out this knowledgebase page of Formidable Forms.

Here is the graph displayed for the results using the shortcode used above.

poll results
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poll results

If you want an interactive graph, you can use the below shortcode

[frm-graph fields=”462″ type=”pie” bg_color=”#DFF0D8″ width=”600″ title_size=”20″ is3d=”true”]

interactive poll results
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After making the required changes, do not forget to save the changes.

You can display the poll anywhere on your website.

Final Words

I hope you have learned how to create a Poll in WordPress easily using the Formidable Forms.

There are many possibilities to use polls and you just need to use the right tools and imagination. Creativity is the key to that.

You can try Formidable forms risk-free! (14 days money-back guarantee period)

If you find this post useful, share it with your friends. If you have any doubts or questions, please comment below.

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In this article, you will learn how easy it is to create a poll in WordPress using Formidable forms, one of the easiest survey and poll plugins around.
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