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CPA Marketing Guide for Beginners in 2024

Are you searching for a CPA Marketing guide?

Then your search ends here.

Check out the CPA Marketing Guide for beginners that explains what is CPA marketing and how to do it easily.

CPA Marketing Guide for Beginners

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CPA Marketing Guide for Beginners

There are many methods to make money online.

Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, CPA…etc.  I tried Affiliate Marketing and Paid Posts.

I made over $200 with this method. But, I recently learned CPA Marketing and I decided to give it a try.

CPA Marketing is the best way for affiliates to monetize their blogs.

Now, I’m going to share some basics of CPA Marketing with my readers. It will be the simple CPA Marketing Guide.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA is different from CPM. In CPM, you will be paid for the number of impressions. CPA is the short form of ‘Cost Per Action‘.

Simply saying, CPA means you can earn when someone clicked on your CPA referral link and completes an action.

What is an Action?

‘Action’ can be many things. The most popular actions are,

  1. Provide Email Address
  2. Giving Personal Details
  3. Filling out a form or survey
  4. Signing up for a free trial
  5. Providing Credit Card Details
  6. Downloading a file and Many More…
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CPA Marketing working model

I think doubt is passing through your mind.

How to get paid without making any purchases?

I also had this same doubt when started learning CPA.

There are so many differences between Affiliate Marketing and CPA.

CPA is a king of Marketing, but, they are two entirely different marketings.

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CPA Marketing Comparison

In CPA, The payment is for each action your reader provides using your referral link.

The cost will be different for every action. It may be 1 cent to 50$., depending on the offer you selected.

They didn’t want to purchase anything, you will get paid for every action.

So, I hope you understand the basics of CPA Marketing. Next, you want to follow some steps to complete to make money online using CPA.

1) Choose the best CPA Offer.
2) Choose the best CPA Network

Choose a Best CPA Offer

You want to choose the best quality CPA offers related to your niche. It is not easy because you want to choose a decent offer that aligns with your blog’s traffic.

There are so many CPA Offers. So, you will confuse about which to choose. But, Don’t worry. We have a solution.

You can use oDigger or offervault.com to find the best CPA offer. You can filter the offer using Keywords, Price, Category…etc.

If your blog niche is health and fitness, Then go to oDigger or Offervault.com and type “Health and Fitness” in the search bar. Then you can find a huge list of offers there.

So, now you are able to choose the best CPA Offer. Then the next step is to find your CPA Network.

Choose a CPA Network

Next, you want to choose the best CPA Network for your CPA Marketing. There are plenty of networks and you want to choose the best one which has so many offers and advertisers.

CPA Networks are used to find CPA offers and place them on your blog/website. You can see the full details of a particular offer on the CPA Network dashboard.

The details include the action, examples of graphics or link ads, the preview of the landing page, etc.

Now, we can dig into the best CPA Networks available on the internet. I told you there are so many CPA Companies.

But, I listed some popular networks here. They are best in quality and trust Worthy.

Never Blue

Okay. Getting approval for CPA Networks is a bit difficult task. Most of the networks will call you after submitting your application. You can call them before they call you to get fast approval.


So, that’s all about the CPA Marketing guide.

Now you know what is CPA Marketing and how it works.

You are now able to set up a CPA offer and make money.

This is only a basic guide or beginner’s guide to CPA.

CPA Marketing is deep-sea and you want to fight with all the big fishes to make money.

You can search Google or Bing to learn about CPA and its whitehat and blackhat tricks.

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