Creepiest websites available on the Internet that creeps you out

You don’t need to enter a haunted house to feel scared. Just visit these creepiest websites available on the Internet. This post provides information about the top creepiest websites available on the Internet.

Top 7 Creepiest websites available on the Internet


This website is a mimic version of the original Ouija board. Just visit the website and enter your question there.

creepiest websites WebOuija
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creepiest websites WebOuija

The pointer will quiver till you move the cursor to it.

Though there are many other sites like Witchboard or the Studio Why Halloween Card, WebOuija is still the best creepiest website.

How to Summon Demons

If you wish to call the dark devil, then you can visit this site. In this site,  you can see how to dedicate your soul to Satan, Satanic symbols, and Satanic celebrations.

And for those new to Satanism, it gives advice on “how to join hell’s army.” It also has a special section just for kids and teens who follow the Devil.

Death Date

We have heard about many websites and apps where you type  “when will I die?” in the calculator, and it gives us some random date.

However, this particular website linked below has a couple of little surprises at the end, but feel free to google around as there are plenty of other death date websites

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Rate My Poo

Some genius guy out there has created a website where you can post the images of your POO and the website users can rate this POO out of 10.

Eat your breakfast before going there!!



Do you love horror movies?

Then you will definitely love this website.

Creepypasta is a website that lists creepy short stories from writers across the internet. This website is really simple but will scare the hell out of you.


Black Worm Creature

A simple website featuring a black worm creature that follows your mouse cursor – no words, no sounds, just a gentle sway with blinking beady white eyes.

But as soon as you move your mouse back and forth rapidly, some loud music blares, crazy flashing colors in the background, the worm lights up, chaos and nonsense.

DO NOT click the link below if you suffer any form of epilepsy – this website will easily trigger it.

Earth’s End

This is the website that supposedly plans for the evacuation of earth alongside Martians in a giant spaceship.

According to this site, Earth will be destroyed by catastrophic events and only a few people will remain. Most of humanity will be built alongside reptile people and get IC chips implanted on them.


These are the top creepiest websites on the internet. If you like the list, please share it. If you wish to add more sites, you can share those on the comments.

Creepiest websites available on the Internet that creeps you out
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