Checklist To Write Sponsored Posts In 2021

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Planning to accept sponsored posts in your blog? Here is the Checklist to Write Sponsored Posts and Reviews.

There are many bloggers who really want to write a handful amount of paid posts and reviews each month to make some real bucks.

Actually, just 3-5 posts or even lower can make you thousands of bucks easily if your blog is top-notch among the niche industry.

That’s why serious money makers want to write reviews and sponsored posts

What we discussed above was the good side we already know.

But stop, don’t you know the bad sides too?

I think everyone should be aware of both sides. Because the bad sides could be even worse in many cases.

I want to dedicate this post to all of them who write or want to write some sponsored reviews and posts to monetize a blog.

Checklist To Write Sponsored Posts And Reviews

Before we jump into the checklist to write sponsored posts, let us see the risks of accepting sponsored posts below.

The Risks Of Accepting Paid Posts

There are so many advantages and as well as disadvantages. Unfortunately, most of us are aware of the advantages. I’m sure you will think a few more times just after hearing the following facts:

  • Your blog audiences might lose interest and abandon it for most.
  • It might hurt your SEO. In some cases, it can lead your site to a Google penalty too.
  • Sometimes, these types of paid contents create massive confusion because most of the time, we stay only positive while writing.
  • The paid contents might be considered just paid. It won’t be valuable at all.
  • Soon your blog won’t be a place for learners. It will be considered just as a money-making machine.


Don’t you think those 5 points are enough to ruin someone’s blogging career?

But I should state it too that sponsored post and review can be turned into a masterpiece of content.

All we need to focus on some tactics that will help it to stand out.

Actually, those 5 points are included in SEO.

We can say SEO is the process of serving the best user experience. The points I wrote, mainly ground the user experience.

That’s why I named this checklist “The SEO’s Checklist To Write Sponsored Posts”. Let’s see how you can get rid of these problems.

The SEO’s Checklist To Write Sponsored Posts

Checklist to Write Sponsored Posts and Reviews
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Checklist to Write Sponsored Posts and Reviews

Does Your Post Seem Unrelated To The Niche?

It happens too often that bloggers don’t care about the product or service niche. These just randomly accept products as sponsored posts and reviews.

If you do these two, what actually happens that your niche site will lose productivity.

As a result, the audiences will be frustrated and result in the loss of the most engaging readers.

We know exactly, how hard it feels to lose a regular visitor or commentator. From the view of SEO, unrelated content might get punished by their algorithm update.

So in that case, we have to take only those products which are most related to the niche. For that, the readers won’t be disappointed at all, in fact, they will enjoy it.

So in that case, we have to take only those products which are most related to the niche. For that, the readers won’t be disappointed at all, in fact, they will enjoy it.

Does Your Sponsored Content Differ Quality Than An Average?

Quality really matters both for SEO and site experience. No one likes low-quality content.

In fact, a bunch of low-quality content can be harmful to other rich content of a site.

We usually see the paid contents lack quality than the average one. Why? Because we think it’s for money, whatever we write will get money, isn’t it? But don’t you ever think, these posts can affect the rests?

Actually, users and search engines determine a quality site by all the contents of a site, not just checking the most popular ones. So if we do the same, it will be a great loss.

So it’s better to keep the quality in both types of contents. Just think of it as a normal one and write whatever will be best for your blog and the eager audiences.

Do You Sell Links Through Them?

This is another important thing that can actually turn your blog into a disaster. Because Google is going so rough through the sites that are selling links.

In fact, the links that are very similar to paid links are behaving the same as them. And do you know what was their result? It was nothing but a dreadful manual penalty (Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog).

So if your posts look like them, the same problem could be on your head.

Be more specific while linking.

If you think, the link is most related to your niche, you might leave it dofollow. But if you think, it’s not 100% related, you might nofollow the link to stay safe.

Try to be always safe with no-follow links from them the type of reviews and posts.

Did You Take A Test Drive?

While writing a review or even a sponsored post, we don’t actually test them by ourselves. As a result, we need to write it up depending on other knowledge.

Sometimes the so-called knowledge could be proved wrong and might add negative value to the readers.

So it’s always better to ask your advertisers to give a trial or a test drive. So you can look around it more specifically and write down your own opinions.

Check: Top SEO mistakes you need to avoid

Do You Write Only Positive Areas?

While writing reviews and post that is actually sponsored, we always write the positive sides of the product. But if you ask for my opinion, I will specify the noticeable negative sides too.

Why? Because I really don’t want to see my readers broody after using the products for a while. Instead, I will state it clearly, these problems might be faced in the future.

And that’s what every reader wants.

They actually want to know both the good and bad sides to determine the best one.

Ask your advertisers for permission to let you write the truth. Are you thinking negative sides are really bad? Please don’t be because each and every product has both of these sides.

Do You Write These Too Often?

Consistency is good for blogging but not for sponsoring a review and post. Because too many of them will make your readers realize, “Good-Bye, You Blog!”. Many of them will turn your blog into no better place for a reader who really wants to learn.

So make a strict plan or schedule, what would be the ratio between normal content vs sponsored content.

And how many of them you want to publish in a month. I would suggest, if you write 30 posts in a month, paid posts and reviews shouldn’t more than 3-4 to be exact.

Do You Accept All Of These?

It usually happens that when we get offers for sponsored content, we get excited and make the deal final. But that’s not supposed to happen. Because all of them can’t guaranty your readers a good service.

Instead, while you get offers, don’t hesitate.

Ask your advertiser to give you a test drive opportunity and review it by yourself.

After using it, if you find it useful, go for the deal. But if it happens contrary, explain to the advertiser why you can’t accept it.

I think the moderation of these sponsored posts will be really helpful.


In this post, we have seen the checklist to write sponsored posts and reviews. Here, I tried to explain the questions that have been appearing in my mind from last night.

Some of you will be shocked, but it’s good to be in this case. Ask these questions to yourself first, before writing sponsored reviews and posts. I hope, then you can do the rest.

Money making is though hard, you shouldn’t change your site’s policy. Seasonal money is not what we can expect.

If we want to earn all the way, we should follow some hard and fast rules, though these might be difficult.

Same as in this topic, write reviews and sponsored posts in the explained way and you can expect to earn all the way long.

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Checklist To Write Sponsored Posts In 2021
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