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How To Get Sponsored Reviews On Your Blog Easily In 2024?

Want to know how to get sponsored reviews on your blog?

Sponsored Reviews are one of the easy ways to make money online. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might be heard that “Sponsored Reviews” are one of my main income sources.

I have written so many sponsored posts on my blogs. I made over 5000$ from sponsored reviews within a short span of time.

Companies always love to advertise on a blog that is very popular and active. However, getting a sponsored review on your blog is difficult since there are many blogs competing for it.

You might be wondering, “How to get Sponsored reviews on your blog?”. I am sharing my trick to get sponsored posts on your blog.

How To Get Sponsored Reviews On Your Blog?

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How To Get Sponsored Reviews On Your Blog Easily

There are three simple steps involved to get sponsored reviews on your blog. Here are the steps:

This is the first step of the method. Find a company that is willing to spend money to market its product.

You can search Google to find it out. or You can check other famous blogs in your niche and find their advertisers.

You can search for Hosting Companies, Theme Websites, or any other product developers related to your niche.

Find Their Email Or Contact Page

It is the most difficult process in this method as most companies do not publish their contact email directly. The email shown on that website will be managed by a representative.

If you send an email regarding sponsored posts or reviews, you will receive an email stating that they have forwarded the request to the concerned department head.

But, a 50% chance is they never forward it or you do not get any reply. So, finding out the right email is the only solution.

Some of the ways to get the right email are:

  • Use the form on their Contact Us Page.
  • Message them via their Ticket system.
  • Ask for their email via Live Chat.

Contact Them For Sponsored Reviews On Your Blog

This is the final and important step. Now that you have the right email from the company, you need to send them an email for advertising on your blog or write a sponsored review.

You should be careful when you send an email.

You should impress them to get the sponsored post. You should use some business words to impress them.

Highlight your rankings and social media presence. Or you can provide them with your recent reviews for reference.

Let me show you an example. Following is the email I sent to a company recently.

How to get Sponsored Reviews - email to PR
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There are two chances after you send the email. Either they will accept your request or decline it.

There are some companies that are not willing to advertise. You can expect the following email from such a company.

How to get Sponsored Reviews - rejection email
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If the company is willing to work with you and promote the brand, you will get an email shown below:

How to get Sponsored Reviews - offer email
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Once you receive the email accepting your request, you should write an expectational review of your product.  If your review is of high quality, they will use you for future promotions. So, Always try to impress them with your work.

After completing your sponsored review, they will ask for your Paypal ID. Just send your Paypal email and they will send the money through Paypal as soon as possible.

How to get Sponsored Reviews - payment details
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Final Words

That’s all about How to get Sponsored Reviews and Make Money Quickly.

Try this method and I’m 100% sure that it will work for you. Because it worked for me several times and I’m doing this method if I want some urgent money.

All the best for your Money Making Future.

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