Liquid Web Vs Nexcess: Which Is Best For You in 2023?

Is it confusing to choose between LiquidWeb and Nexcess hosting? Check out this Liquid Web vs Nexcess comparison post and learn about the differences between them. Then you will be able to choose the hosting that is best for you.

Liquid Web Vs Nexcess: Which Is Best For You?

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Liquid Web Vs Nexcess

Liquid Web offers hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated servers. Nexcess is the brand of Liquid Web that specializes in WordPress and other CMS for content sites and e-commerce.

Our goal in this article is to give you an in-depth comparison of Liquid Web & Nexcess web hosting.

What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web
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Liquid Web Hosting is specialized in web and cloud hosting for professionals. It aims to expand business while nurturing designers, agencies, and developers to produce services, applications, and mission-critical sites.

Over 500,000 websites are managed by Liquid Web, which has 10 global data centers. VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting are all available. Shared hosting is not available from them.

Services offered by Liquid Web

Let us see the hosting plans and services offered by Liquid Web.

Service TypeDescription Price
Dedicated Server Customizable single-tenant traditional servers.$169
VPS hostingHigh-performance VPS with root access$15
Cloud DedicatedOn-Demand single cloud servers.$149
VMware Private CloudScalable VMware Private cloud hosting on multi-tenant or dedicated infrastructure$510
Managed WordPressPerformance-tuned for WordPress sites$19
Managed WooCommerceAn all-in-one solution for High-performing WooCommerce stores$19
Magento CloudFeature-rich and ready for commerce$49
Cloud ServersRapidly deploy scalable cloud hosting for your site or app$265
Private VPS ParentDeploy VPS on your private servers$139
Server ClustersCustom-built hosting platforms for your business needs$743
High PerformanceDistribute web traffic across servers to minimize latency$1,127
High AvailabilityMulti-server environment to minimize downtime$1,448
Database HostingReliable hosting for mission-critical database$1,498
HIPAACompliant hosting for the healthcare industry$343

Managed Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server solutions are available from Liquid Web to support your business requirements.

Dedicated server hosting is available with Linux or Windows operating systems, and includes Proactive Sonar Monitoring™ and ServerSecure hardening.

Single-processor and dual-processor dedicated servers are available. Select from various dedicated server hosting plans depending on the needs of your business.

  • Standard DDoS Protection
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Backup Drive
  • ServerSecure Advanced
  • Security
  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
  • PMI Access
  • Root Access
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Business-grade SSD Storage
  • 100% Network and Power
  • Uptime SLAs

The price starts at $169/mo.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

You get the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting with Liquid Web’s managed VPS hosting solutions. You can choose their managed VPS hosting if you need the control of a dedicated server, but want to keep your monthly costs low.

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Monitoring, risk mitigation, and performance optimization are provided with our managed VPS solutions.

The support team is available 24/7/365 to assist in finding the best hosting solution that will meet your needs. Liquid Web continues to lead the way in customer loyalty and performance with an NPS score of 67.

  • Gigabit Transfer
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Server Secure Advanced Security
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs
  • Integrated Firewall
  • DDoS Attack Protection
  • Local Backups
  • cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx Available
  • Root Access
  • Easy Scalability (upgrade
  • or downgrade)

You can choose between Linux and Windows depending on your need.

Liquid Web Pros 

Let us see the advantages of using Liquid Web services.

Great Speed

The performance of their servers is superior to those of Rackspace, Amazon, and Digital Ocean. 

Cloud Spectator, an independent 3rd party cloud analytics firm, benchmarked its cloud products against the competition.

The result?

There is a 200% increase in performance on their servers. 

Their Managed VPS hosting solution is ideal for clients who prefer the control of a dedicated server plus the affordability and features of a VPS.

Great Uptime

Liquid Web service Uptime
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Liquid Web service Uptime – Data Provided By

They claim to have an uptime of 100% on average. Natural disasters cannot be anticipated, so most hosting companies offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

It’s rare to find a hosting company that guarantees 100% uptime.

Free Email Accounts

Using branded email addresses that match your website domain will help your brand stand out more to customers. 

With Liquid Web’s VPS service, you get free branded email accounts. Liquid Web’s control panel allows you to manage these accounts.

Free Site Migration

Liquid Web offers its customers a free website migration service. Liquid Web subscribers can migrate both internally (on the server already) and externally.

Liquid Web describes its migration process in a website article.

Free SSL Security

Your website will be HTTPS or HTTP depending on whether it is secured by an SSL certificate.

What’s the difference between them?

HTTPS offers advanced security, but HTTP is mostly unencrypted and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Google labels HTTP sites as unsecured, which looks terrible to potential customers.

As part of its support, Liquid Web also includes basic SSL. You can purchase premium SSL certificates along with free SSL certificates.

Great Support

Liquid Web offers three types of customer support:

  1. 24/7 Live Chat
  2. Phone
  3. Helpdesk

You can communicate most efficiently and quickly with live chat. According to a study of live chat study, 51% of consumers expect a business to offer 24/7 support. 

Customer service response time and a good chat experience are two factors that influence sales.

Best Features of Liquid Web

Following are some of the best features of Liquid Web:

  • Gigabit Transfer
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Integrated Firewall
  • DDoS Attack Protection
  • Local Backups
  • cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx Available
  • Root Access
  • Easy Scalability (upgrade
  • or downgrade)
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

What is Nexcess?

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Nexcess is a trusted web hosting company founded in 2000. With 15 data centers around the world, the company serves over 1.5 million websites.

Nexcess, after partnering with Liquid Web, a company that specializes in eCommerce and CMS, offers WordPress-specific managed hosting plans.

With their managed cloud services and software, the company has the product for every project and the expertise to figure out what’s right for you.

Experts at Nexcess deliver security, speed, and reliability. Your trust and loyalty are earned 24/7/365 by them.

Services Offered By Nexcess

Let us see the hosting plans and services offered by Nexcess.

Service TypeDescriptionPrice
Fully Managed MagentoFully featured Ecommerce platform that builds for high-traffic sites.$49
Fully Managed WooCommerceAffordable, highly performant, and easy-to-scale E-commerce hosting.$19
Store Builder By NexcessBuilt-in intelligence creates a unique homepage for your WooCommerce store.Free
BigCommerce for WordPressHeadless E-commerce that supports high-traffic sites.$59
DrupalHighly scalable and configurable platform, ideal for healthcare and educational sites.$29
Expression EngineEasy setup, flexible, and feature-rich content editor.$29
Craft CMSTheme-free, simple, secure, and customizable sites.$29
Fully Managed WordPressAutomatic updates with regression testing, unlimited Email, free SSL certificates, intuitive tool scaling, and over 58000 free plugins.$19
Membership Sites with WP QuickStart NexcessPowerful membership tools from RCP.$49

Managed Magento Hosting

A large eCommerce site, such as eBay, can be powered by Magento. Since Magento was built on Nexcess servers, there have been many ways for it to be optimized.

  • Staging sites, dedicated IP addresses, instant auto-scaling
  • On-demand performance testing to troubleshoot & improve site speed
  • Built-in Nexcess CDN offers 22 locations and advanced caching for ultra-fast loading
  • Always-on security monitoring & support from Magento experts 24/7/365, plus a Magento Master on-staff
Magento Packages

The below table explains the different plans and their prices.

Managed Magento Hosting Plans
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Managed WooCommerce Hosting

eCommerce sites can require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t have the right knowledge, care, and attention, anything can go wrong.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from Nexcess’ high-performance stores. It has integrated automation tools and created extras right into its platform to make your woo-commerce site run better, do more, and consume less of your time.

  • On-demand performance testing to troubleshoot & improve site speed
  • A built-in CDN with 22 locations and advanced caching for ultra-fast loading
  • Cart abandonment technology, Sales Performance Monitor, AffiliateWP, ConvertPro, and advanced analytics with
  • Custom order tables that reduce query loads by 95% and increase capacity by more than 75%
  • Always-on security monitoring & support from WooCommerce experts 24/7/365
Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans

The below table explains the different plans and their prices.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans
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StoreBuilder by Nexcess

This is an exciting new feature for managed WooCommerce hosting.

Getting started is easy with Store Builder, which will generate an Al-generated, industry-specific homepage that is immediately ready for content.

With Managed WooCommerce hosting, StoreBuilder makes building WooCommerce sites much easier.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

The Nexcess team has spent time and money developing and integrating tools that help WordPress run better. It guarantees that your WordPress site will be fast, secure, available, and affordable.

  • Premium tools including Visual Compare, WP Merge, iThemes Security Pro, iThemes Sync, TinyPNG, and Qubely Pro
  • Image compression to lower browser load times
  • A built-in CDN with 22 locations and advanced caching for ultra-fast loading
  • No overage fees, traffic limits, or metered pageviews
  • Always-on security monitoring & support from WordPress experts 24/7/365
Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

The below table explains the different plans and their prices.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans
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Nexcess Pros

Let us see the advantages of using Nexcess services.

Great Speed and Performance

Nexcess maintains and operates three core data centers with exceptional speeds:

  • US-Central Region: 402ms
  • US-West Region: 453ms
  • EU-Central Region: 765ms

100% Uptime

Very few web hosts guarantee 100% uptime, including Nexcess. Of course, this isn’t realistic. Among the exceptions listed by Nexcess are:

  • An attack on a server(s), such as a DDoS attack (disable all servers).
  • Updating networks, hardware, and software regularly
  • cPanel problems that cause disruptions
  • Legal action was taken against your website or business

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Except for the managed WordPress plan, all plans come with two control panels: cPanel or Plesk. 

Alternatively, managed WordPress hosting plans offer a proprietary control panel that makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites from one interface.

You can perform the following tasks using the control panel:

  • Use the Nginx Accelerator to accelerate content delivery and clear cache
  • Take advantage of the free CDN services that come with your hosting plan
  • Monitor the use of bandwidth
  • Set up an FTP account for testing
  • Installing a free SSL certificate (included in the hosting package)
  • Manage your email accounts
  • You can manually create backups
  • Preparing your staging and development environments

Free CDN Services

No matter what type of website you have, delivering content globally quickly should be one of your top priorities. There is a free CDN service, which you can enable directly in the control panel.

Free Site Migrations

Would you consider switching web hosts? You don’t need to worry. Nexcess is here to help you. Do you want to upgrade your Nexcess hosting plan?

Nexcess lets you migrate for free, regardless of the reason. Moreover, the expert team will handle the move for you, making it easier and less likely to result in a white screen of death.

Free Trial

You can try out 14 days of free managed WordPress hosting from the company to see if you like it. To test it out, you do not need a credit card.

Nexcess Cons

There are a few cons of Nexcess. They are:

  • Newbies might find hosting expensive
  • Currently, there is no free domain

Why Nexcess is different from other hosting providers?

There are a few things that isolate Nexcess from other hosting providers. They are:

Full Server Access

Developers will find Nexcess to be friendly. With SSH, Git, and WP-CLI, you’ll have full access to your hosting account. Tools for staging WordPress websites are also available.

Fully-Optimized Servers

The managed WordPress hosting servers from Nexcess are equipped with the most current PHP and Nginx software. Additionally, the platform offers compression systems to make your websites load faster and perform better.

No Page View Limitations

A lot of hosting providers charge overage fees when you exceed their monthly page view limit. Nexcess Hosting does not have page view counts, traffic limitations, or overage fees.

Test Plugins Before Updates

Nexcess-managed WordPress hosting provides automatic plugin updates as one of its unique features. Installed plugins on your website are automatically checked for updates by this system.

59-Second Customer Support Response

Nexcess’ rapid customer support services are one of its key selling points. It claims to respond to customer support inquiries via phone and live chat within 60 seconds.

A response time of under one hour is guaranteed for help desk tickets.

Conclusion of Liquid Web vs Nexcess

That’s all about Liquid Web vs Nexcess hosting comparison.

Site performance and load impact tests for Liquid Web were very good, and their 100% uptime should not be overlooked.

It is a good choice for bloggers looking for a host that won’t worry about what may happen if their audience grows rapidly or if their content goes viral, as the host can handle traffic spikes and does not charge overage fees.

Nexcess provides many features and a wide range of web hosting services for small, medium, and large businesses. Furthermore, it ensures clients’ security.

Providing clients with what they want and need is a priority. 

With Nexcess, you’ll find a detailed and affordable price list. 24/7 customer service is offered by Nexcess to its clients. In the event of a problem, you can contact Nexcess service, and you will receive a prompt response.

Check out the infographics explaining the between Liquid Web and Nexcess hosting.

Liquid Web vs Nexcess Explained
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