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How To Do SEO Without Backlinks Easily In 2024?

Are you wondering how to do SEO without backlinks?

1100+ words ultimate SEO guide for you all. As you know according to Search-Engine-Land SEO is not dead, but you have to do things alternatively.

One of the best ways to perfect SEO is creating high-quality do-follow backlinks, but now it’s not enough!

Go ahead and beat your competitors without the headache of creating the backlinks profile of your blog. Also, Google is smart now and knows all the things about your blog/site.

You can’t hide your ass from Google (kidding), with this tricky method of SEO you can get more traffic from Google as easily as you do this.

I know you are willing to know “how your competitors got their blog posts on Google’s first page” and at the bottom of the search area.

You probably search on Google using these terms How I can grow my blog audience?

How I can do so on my blog?

Can I beat my competitor with SEO?

Is SEO without backlinks possible? and more.

After a lot of searches, you will find that backlinks can give you awesome results, but not good as your competitor’s blog.

There are many other things to do for beating your competitor. Therefore, I decided to give you unleashed secrets of SEO without backlinking.

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How To Do SEO Without Backlinks

There are many alternative ways of SEO. But here I want to tell you about effective ways of doing SEO without backlinking.

If you are ready then go ahead and read the ultimate guide “How To Do SEO Without Backlinks

What Can You Get Without Backlinks?

  1. You can get tons of visitors from Google without backlinking
  2. You can get your blog posts quickly indexed by Google bots
  3. You can manage your blog without the headache of creating a backlinks profile
  4. You just have to do simple things, you can say a big NO to backlinking
  5. If you are a newbie don’t worry, you can do it very well.

First Search Then Write!

The main thing for perfect on-page SEO is to “write to the point” and bring real information about your topic. B

Because people want real and perfect information about the thing they search for.

If your blog posts come with real and perfect information with the relevant of content and post title, then your chances of higher ranking become more than others.

The things you need for writing a Perfect post are written below

  1. First and the easy way is “right to the point”
  2. People want information, so give them as much as you can
  3. Write lengthy posts, write more than 500 words (per post)
  4. Add links to your old blog posts into new ones
  5. While writing blog posts say some words to your readers (hi, hey, what’s going on, etc)

Add Keywords To Your Blog Posts

The keywords are the basic thing in SEO. If your blog posts are optimized for high quality and low-competition keywords, then the higher ranking chances are higher.

Keywords: The words of great significance, Tips to keep in mind

  1. Try to add more relative keywords in the blog post
  2. Add keywords at the end of your blog posts, also at the beginning
  3. Add your targeted keyword in the title of your blog post at the beginning
  4. Keep in mind this formula “keyword density of 1-3%”
  5. Use meta tags for adding primary keywords

And while adding keywords to your blog posts, you must have to search and get some long-tail keywords.

This will lead your blog post to the targeted audience.

For searching long tail and good keywords, you can use Long Tail Pro for getting better and good keywords.

Also! You can use some keywords from the Google-related search box and Google Keyword Planner.

I think 7 out of 10 bloggers have their blogs hosted on WordPress (CMS). And they all want a good SEO plugin for handling the SEO of their blogs.

And if we talk about SEO plugins for WP then you will find hundreds.

The question bombing in your mind is “Is there any best plugin for WP SEO?” and I have the answer written below.

RankMath Is the best SEO Plugin available in the market now.

Follow the steps to add it to your website:

  1. Open your “WP Dashboard” > Select your blog
  2. At the left sidebar, drag your cursor to Plugins > Add New
  3. Then type “RankMath
  4. Click on the Install button and activate it.

You can make some settings by navigating to the plugin area. Don’t go we have more tricks written below.

Increase the Speed Of Your Blog

The top-notch thing for getting a good response from search engines is to have a blog with less loading time.

If your blog loads faster than people and search engine bots will fall in love with your blog.

Just relax! If you want to know about something and you searched on Google.

Google gives you the top 10 results for your query.

What about if the first web page takes 20 seconds to fully load?

I think you might leave it in the first 10 seconds.

But! If a web page takes 5 seconds to fully load, then you will read 2/3 pages of that blog.

Things To Make Site Load Faster

  1. Use a faster-loading template/theme.
  2. Don’t add more than 3/4 plugins.
  3. Don’t use extra JavaScript.
  4. Use CDN for faster loading.
  5. Ask your web-hosting provider for getting high-speed servers.

Read: Tips to increase your site speed

Keep in mind that the internet is becoming faster day by day. Also, people want the latest and on-time information.

If your blog loads faster then people will visit it again and again.

Do not forget Social Media

Social Media Optimization is another thing, but it can help you in Search Engine Optimization.

Don’t listen to bad words for social media power. You can get tons of visits through social media on your blog posts.

And if you are getting better traffic from social media like Twitter and Facebook then you can get high speed in the indexing step of your blog posts.

Top Social Networks can do well for your Blog’s SEO

  1. Twitter: As you know Twitter is a real and perfect social network (microblogging network) for all of us. Twitter will help you with the SEO of your blog.
  2. Facebook: Ha! Facebook is a powerful social media for the whole world. We can create groups and pages as well as profiles on Facebook. It can help you with the SEO of your blog.
  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a perfect network of real individuals. You can create your own profile on LinkedIn. Add your blog link and get more points for SEO.
  4. There are many other platforms available for your work such as Reddit, Elle.co, and others.


Hope you have learned how to do SEO without backlinks.

Without any doubt, backlinks can give you success in the SEO of your blog.

But! if you have better content on your blog then you can get higher rankings without backlinks.

Just add uniqueness to your blog posts and get visits. Keep in “Content Is King” and backlinks can be deleted by others, but content still works. Happy Blogging!

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