Must Know Twitter limits In 2020

Do you know about the Twitter Limits?

No? Then you are in the right place. Check out the post and learn about the important limits in using a Twitter account.

Must know Twitter limits

Twitter is one of the famous social sites. There are more than 250 million active users.

Each day more than 1 million tweets are done. Compared to Facebook, the number of fake profiles was less on Twitter.

Twitter has become huge that even politicians are started using it. But, have you wondered Twitter has some limits in using it like a number of people you follow and a number of the message you send.

Here are some of the important Twitter limits you must know.

Must Know Twitter limits
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Must Know Twitter limits

Twitter Username limit

Some people have a very long name and they wish to keep the same as their username.

There is some limitation on the number of characters used in a username and the maximum a number is 15.

Twitter Image limit

Many websites have some limits on the image that you use with the profile picture.

On Facebook, the cover photo limit is 851 X 315px.

In Twitter, the limit is 400 X 400 px for the profile image and 1500×500 pixels for the header image.

3MB is the maximum size of the photo that you can use to post.

Twitter Character Limit

The Bio on Twitter is very important.

You can influence a user to follow you using your Twitter Bio.

You should be concise in writing the bio. The maximum limit is only 160 characters for Twitter bio.

Twitter Tweet limit

You can be an avid or maniac on Twitter. But, you cannot tweet the whole day.

There is a limit for that and it is 2400 tweets per day.

This number includes both tweets and retweets.

I have a friend who tweets all day. I told him that 2400 is the maximum number and you cannot exceed.

He then tried to count the number of tweets and retweets he did. It added only 1534.

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Twitter limit on Direct Messages

Like Facebook, you can send direct messages on Twitter.

Though it looks a great way of communication, it is misused by bots. So, Twitter placed a restriction on sending direct messages.

Twitter limits the number of direct messages to be sent to 1000.

Limit on Following people

There are some people you hit the follow button on the profiles which appear on their screen.

This is to increase the number of followers.

You can wonder why?

It is because 80% of the people tends to follow you when you follow them. But these people don’t know there is a Twitter limit on the following.

Twitter limits the number of people to be followed to 5000.

Limit on Unfollowing people

Like the Twitter limit on people you follow, there is a limit to the number of people you unfollow.

Twitter limits to unfollow only 2000 accounts each day.

What Happens When You Exceed Twitter limits?

Sometimes when you log in to your Twitter account, you can receive some message like ” Twitter limit exceeded“.  

You will receive this message when you didn’t follow the above limits.

When you have exceeded the twitter limits, your twitter account may be suspended. Sometimes, you can also be banned from using Twitter.


Everywhere there are limitations except for our dreams.

Limitations are just part of life. I have never seen a person who tends to follow 1000 accounts and who sends more than 1000 direct messages.

You can enjoy using Twitter keeping these limits in mind.

Though there are other limits on Twitter, these are the top limits.  

Did you exceed these limits anytime while using Twitter? You can share your experience using Twitter here.

Must Know Twitter limits In 2020
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