Link-able Review 2022: Build Your Backlinks Easily

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Anyone who is in digital marketing knows just how important it is to get high-quality backlinks to their website.

It can be difficult and costly to do, often involving hiring a PR professional to pitch your business to top-quality websites, and even if you’re accepted as a contributor or written about by one of the site’s reporters, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a backlink.

Other options include hiring an SEO firm or a link broker, but those options have their drawbacks, too. Enter Link-able, a unique platform that focuses on building the highest quality backlinks for content marketers.

Link-able Review

Before we dive into the link-able review, we will see an introduction about what is link-able.

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Link-able Review

What is Link-able?

Link-able is a solution for content marketers to get high-quality backlinks to their websites.

Whether you are a website owner looking to drive more traffic to your website or an SEO company looking to drive more traffic to your client’s websites, Link-able focuses on quality content published on quality websites.

How Link-able Helps You Build Better Links

Some SEO companies and link brokers may publish spammy articles on their own network of sites, called a PBN. PBN is short for Private Blog Network.

These private blog networks are used to build authority for an article by manipulating search engine rankings. Some PBNs are intricately and elaborately built, but Google is smart, and inevitably detects them.

Google will not only punish the PBN, but it will also punish your site for participating in shady link-building practices. You want real sites with real authors linking to you.

It’s not just Google that doesn’t like PBNs. Your potential customers won’t like them either. These sites often do not have a professional appearance, making your content seem less credible.

The other content on the site is often spammy, so if one of your potential customers goes to the site, they will see whatever content is on the site as spammy, including yours.

Some of these sites are so spammy-looking that SEO companies and link builders won’t even show their clients the link that they build, because if they did, the client would immediately realize that it is complete spam that no one will ever read.

Beyond that, when you fire or are no longer working with your SEO company or link builder, they often delete your articles from their PBN. By publishing on real sites, there is no worry about all of your hard work and money going to waste because the articles can’t be as easily removed.

Link-able has real authors who contribute and share their expertise on real sites with real readers. The value in this kind of link has multiple benefits, not the least of which is helping you rank better on search engines. Some of the benefits include:

• Real readers reading the author’s article actually click on your link and visit your site, because the article they just read is relevant and they’re genuinely curious to learn more.

• From a PR perspective, your business gets a positive brand mention.

• You get a quality link that you can see. Unlike the SEO companies that won’t show their clients the links they build, with Link-able, you get to see where your link is placed and the entire article.

Link-able monitors authors and ensures that they write an exceptional article and reference your page in a relevant and useful way.

How Does Link-able Work?

Link-able relevantly matches content marketers with exceptional quality content to talented and experienced content authors who write and publish their work on relevant, high-authority websites, creating valuable link-building opportunities for content marketers.

Content marketers are able to post a page they want content authors to promote on the Link-able platform, along with a detailed description of it and what they’re hoping to achieve. Link-able indexes this information and displays it in relevant search results for content authors who are searching for something similar.

If the author likes the content and thinks they can create a backlink to it, they’ll submit a brief application to the content marketer, proposing how they can build the link for the content marketer.

The application will detail how the author plans to link to their content, where the link will be published, and how much they charge. From there, the content marketer either accepts or declines the applications they receive. Most of the backlinks on Link-able are editorial links or guest post links published on authoritative and relevant websites.

• Link-able is white hat and does not participate in any “link building schemes” or use any “private blog networks”. Any authors who use black hat techniques are banned from Link-able.

• Link-able provides the highest quality links and brand mentions from authors writing extremely relevant and engaging articles.

• Link-able works closely with authors and thoroughly reviews their work to ensure the highest quality.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

• Link-able takes time to work. As with anything to do with public relations, marketing, and SEO, results don’t always happen overnight. It takes time for the applications to come in. Some results may come early, and others may come much later. Be patient with the process.

• Link-able authors charge premium prices. Bear in mind that the service is significantly less expensive than hiring a publicist, which does not guarantee results, and even when there are results, there is no guarantee of backlinks.

The prices are premium, but the work is of premium quality, too. Link-able connects you with relevant authors who write about topics related to your page, so they actually know about the topics they are writing about from real-world experience.

Many SEO companies and link brokers find writers in India or the Philippines and pay prices as low as $5 per article. At $5 per article, writers are just churning out articles as fast as they can, and these writers often have no experience with the topics you need them to write about.

• Link-able isn’t for everyone. Content Marketers need to apply to join and are thoroughly vetted. Link-able requires applicants to have high-quality websites/blogs with 10X content worthy of being linked to.

The Verdict

That’s all about our Link-able review. Link-able far surpasses the work of even the best SEO companies and link-building companies.

With Link-able, you finally have content that you can be proud of, placed on websites that you can be proud of being on. Google and your potential customers will all feel better about your content, too, and reward you for all your hard work.

If you’re tired of working hard on building links, without reaping any of the rewards from Google or clicks to your website—or better yet, inquiries to your website—Link-able is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Link-able Review 2022: Build Your Backlinks Easily
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