4 ways to increase traffic to your site and make it popular

Becoming a successful blogger is the dream for all newbies. In order to become a successful blogger, your blog should be famous in the blogging community and you need to have huge traffic to your site. I have seen many newbies who ask me the question “how to become successful in a short span”. In order to become famous, you need to increase the activity on your blog. “Activity is not simply numbers, it’s the measure of achievement of your site”.

Well, you need not work harder to make your blog famous. You need to work smarter.

So what to do?

The answer is very straightforward, make people know about your blog. The more the people know about your blog, the more you become famous. Let’s see top 4 ways to increase traffic to your site and make it popular.

Top 4 ways to increase traffic to your site

Top 4 ways to increase traffic

Top 4 ways to increase traffic

Increase traffic using Offline Marketing

On the off chance that you have enough money, consider PPC. Giants like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft give publicizing bundles. In any case, figure out first how to cut off your use to the level you need.

Go past the electronic medium and into the print medium. Promote in neighborhood daily papers, business leaflets, magazines, across the nation productions and mail-drop writing. What’s more bear in mind the lasting top choice, the great old Yellow Pages – printed form characteristically!

4 ways to increase traffic to your site and make it popular 1

Little business cards left in bistros, on signboards, traded at gatherings and so forth.

Use neighborhood assets, for example, clubs, libraries and group habitats for non-benefit site mindfulness raising.

Use verbal. Educate everybody you know regarding your site, give out business cards to passers-by in the road, etc. You may even need to run a guerrilla promoting project!

Increase traffic using Video marketing and podcasting

This is an extraordinary approach to connecting those segments of the gatherings of people who would generally have missed it.

This can again be carried out from numerous points of view, either by installing your advertisements between the related features or simply transferring the promotions as standalone features or simply setting content promotions in the feature.

Anyone can use podcasting. This is the best feature of it. Grab your microphone and a product and you’re prepared to go.

Anyway, what would it be a good idea for you to do with podcasts? Well make it basic and educational, the theme may of any corner that you are acquainted with. Keep it long, around 20 to 60 minutes would do extraordinary. Furthermore yes transfer them frequently to assemble some notoriety and hang on your audience members. Include these podcasts into RSS channels to get a much more extensive introduction.

A few locales where you can have your podcasts are:



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Increase traffic by engaging with others

Engaging with other bloggers is very important. Join blogging communities. There are several awesome blog communities out there. When you join blogging communities, you can get to about other bloggers and this, in turn, raises awareness about your blog.

When you join blog community, do visit the blogs which suit your niche. Also, leave a comment on their blogs. Commenting increases the engagement. But don’t leave comments just for the sake. Also, your comment should be in a single line.

Increase traffic using giveaways and Cash Contests

Giveaways and Cash Contest truly! draws in many individuals to visit your site and you can take advantage of it. Crowd needs to win giveaways and money so they are prepared to concentrate on your site to win it.

There are many tools available to arrange contest and freebies. Some of them are:




These are top 4 ways to increase traffic and make your blog popular. Following these ways will help you make your blog popular in less than three months. Follow these steps and surely you will see your daily visitors will keep on growing.

4 ways to increase traffic to your site and make it popular 2


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