Top 15 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail in 2021

There are millions of bloggers struggling to become successful. Lots of people try to become successful but after some struggles, they quit blogging. Why do these things happen? After my research on why they do not become successful, I found some reasons. Let us see the Top Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail.

Top 15 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail
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Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

Bloggers fail because they have no established goals

A blogger needs to have a goal. Without a goal, they should not start their blog. These goals will help them inspire and measure their success.

It will be easier to work if they have a clear picture of what they want to do. Not only that, it will help them to identify the things they need to focus on.

Check out this post which explains why and how to define your blogging goals? 

Bloggers fail because they do not have enough patience

Some blogger wants quick success in blogging. They don’t have enough patience. They don’t like to wait.

Blogging is not a one day game, where you enter and become a success in one day. It requires hard work, time, and patience.

Bloggers failure since they do not select their Niche

Some bloggers don’t select the proper niche. They don’t know what to blog and post anything on their site.

They are not clear about their niche and their goal of blogging. The niche must help to decide a blogger on their goal.

You need to select the right niche in order to become a success.

Bloggers fail because of poor or no backlinks strategy

Backlinks are the key ingredient in Google Ranking. They help you to drive traffic to your website.

Some bloggers do not create backlinks while others spam the entire web. Proper backlinking is necessary for success in blogging.

Read: How to create free backlinks to your site?

Bloggers fail because they think they cannot afford it

To set up a blog, you need a domain name and hosting. Some bloggers think they cannot afford the cost of domain names and hosting.

Register your domain as low as $0.48/year

Do not fear to invest in the domain name and hosting.  Spending on blogging is always an investment.

Check out: Cheapest WordPress Hosting Providers

Focus only on Making Money

Some bloggers focus only on making money. They post lots of ads on their website to maximize their revenue. Therefore their blogs look ugly fill with lots of ads.

This may distract the user’s attention and they will leave the site without reading your content.

Not Focussed on Readers

Some bloggers may not succeed to attract user’s attention with their content. They do not post on a regular basis.

A Blogger must have to post at least twice a week.  However, if you post anything that is not related to your niche or blog topic, it will confuse your blog readers and they will abandon your blog.

Quit Early

After some period of time when a blogger does not see growth, they decide to quit blogging.

They think blogging is not their work. But the reason for that they don’t have enough self-confidence and quit.

No Interaction with the Readers

Some users may post a comment on their site. A blogger must have to respond to their comment.

This may attract the user’s attraction and they may come back to view your response to their comment.

Stealing content from other blogs

Some bloggers like to steal content from other sites and post on their site. But they don’t know this may affect their ranking.

Stealing content is a crime and users don’t like to steal content to view.

Your blog content must be original and not a duplicate one from another website.

Lacks of Ideas

Lack of blog post ideas is one of the reason, bloggers steal content from other sites. Since there are millions of blogs competing against others, you need to have the ideas for your blog post.

Check: How to find ideas for blog posts?

Ignoring SEO

SEO plays a vital role in the success of your blog.  A blogger must know the basics of SEO and optimize it to increase traffic. Else, they will fail.

Ignoring Blog Design

The design of your blog captures the reader’s mind first.

To make your blog a successful one, you need to have a well designed and optimized site. Though there are millions of free blog themes available one, always choose a premium theme which is well designed and SEO Optimized.

Check out Mythemeshop and Genesis which are SEO optimized and well-designed ones.

Lack of promotion

Lack of promotion is one of the important reasons for bloggers’ failure. Once they publish great content, they should not wait.

The content does not have any magnetic power. They need to promote the content and share it with their friends.

Check: How to promote the blog to increase traffic?

Writers Block

Having writers’ block is another reason for bloggers’ failure.  A blogger must overcome these writers’ block to become successful.

Top Reasons why bloggers fail
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Top Reasons why bloggers fail

Final words

We saw the top reasons why most bloggers fail. It is time to refine if you are facing any of the issues listed above. Start doing some activities to make your blog a successful one.

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Top 15 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail in 2021
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