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10 Killer Tips To Increase Domain Authority of a Website in 2024

Domain authority has emerged as the largest factor in SEO after Page Rank. Since Page Rank is no longer used, website owners need to look for ways to increase domain authority. Here we’ll discuss different ways to increase the domain authority of a website.

How to Increase Domain Authority of a Website?

Domain authority is in the range of 100 ( logarithmic scale of 100 points). While zero (no rank) is the least ranked figure, 100 represents the domains on the top edge of domain authority.

As domain authority increases, the competition becomes stiffer.

This is apparent as the most established website is on top of the rank.

Well-established sites like Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia have scores close to 100. It is not easy to get a DA score that high.

However, we can try to increase the domain authority of the website by close to 50.

Why is the Domain Authority of a Website Important?

Google uses many ranking factors to determine which site should be ranked first in the search result. 

As most of you know that there are more than 200 ranking factors given by Google, and it is hard for SEOs and site owners to track the ranking.

This is where the Domain Authority comes in handy as it provides a single score for the comparability and strength of a website.

Factors Affecting the Domain Authority of a Website

  • Number of links pointing to a site
  • Quality of the incoming links
  • Authority of the sites linking in
  • Age of the domain
  • Many other factors like MozRank and MozTrust.

Tips to Increase Domain Authority of a Website

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Killer Tips To Increase Domain Authority of a Website

It is not possible to increase the domain authority of a website link by changing a theme or plugin on your website.

You need to work hard on it.

There are several factors for it as mentioned above.  However, you can follow these practical tips to increase the Domain Authority of a site.

Use the best link-building strategies to build backlinks to your website. 

If you are an awesome content creator and have a brand name then you can expect links on automatically.

Link building is not about using all the link-building methods.

You can use the best working methods which you are comfortable with implementing.

For example, use infographic link building or broken link building method.

If your site is active for a long time, it would have earned bad links that affect the ranking. 

Check Google Webmaster Tools or other paid tools and remove those bad links from your site.

Guest Post on Authority Websites for Exposure

You need to select niche-relevant websites for guest posting.

You need to make sure the website has high authority. 

Guest posting is not only about backlinks but also is an opportunity to build a relationship with bloggers, and get more social media exposure and recognition for your website.

Create Awesome Content

It is said that Content is King. If the content you produce is weak, it will attract the readers and all your efforts will go in vain.

Then you are in trouble as it is hard to build links to weak content.

So, it is important to plan our content and produce something different which stands out in the crowd.

On-page SEO

 Optimizing the on-page SEO factors for each of your blog posts will also help to increase the Domain Authority of the website.

For more information on this, read the On-Page SEO checklist to rank your site

Internal Linking

Internal linking is nothing but linking from one of your blog posts to other blog posts on your website.

It will improve user experience and increase the time that visitors spend on your site thereby reducing the bounce rate.

So Internal Linking will also increase your domain authority. For information on how to do Internal Linking, read the Moz Guide on Internal Links.

Improve User Experience

User experience is one of the huge factors in deciding whether the visitor will visit your website and check the content or close the page and go to the next website on the search result. So, HEO is more important than SEO.

Increase the Domain Authority of the Website With Social Signals

Increase the domain authority of a website with social signals.

Google monitors the number of times your blog post is shared on social media.

These ‘social signals’ are part of the algorithm that determines how high your page will rank in the search results. More social media shares mean higher DA.

For a detailed guide on getting more social media shares for your blog post, read Adam Connell’s How To Get More Social Shares: The Definitive Guide For Bloggers.

Reduce Site Loading Time

The loading time of a website is another Google ranking factor. It is part of the algorithm that determines how high your site ranks. But it also impacts visitor behavior.

Let’s say, someone clicks on your site from a Google search results page and then clicks the back button because your site is taking too long to load.

Google is watching that and is going to push your page further down the results (because they’re constantly trying to improve user experience).

Read this post for some great tips on how to reduce the load time of your website.

If you’re looking for a new web host, a couple of popular options are Fastcomet A2Hosting

Mobile-Friendly website

 If your site is not optimized for mobile, you will lose a large amount of your traffic.

Not only that, Google will notice that your site is not mobile-friendly and will penalize you in the mobile search engine rankings.

So a mobile responsive website design is another factor that will increase your Domain Authority.

Genesis from StudioPress offers SEO Optimized, Mobile Friendly Themes. Astra and GeneratePress are fast-loading themes that I can recommend because I’m using one of them for this website.


In this post, you saw “Killer Tips to increase Domain Authority of a website“. 

Having a high Domain Authority is an important element in helping websites improve their search engine ranking.

From reading this article, you should now have a better idea of how you can make simple but effective changes that will help improve the authority of your own site.

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  1. Nice Share Umapathy,

    No Doubt, Domain authority is one of the most important things when it comes to SEO. However, this algorithm was introduced by Moz and not Google. And, their crawlers are not as powerful as that of Google, for this reason there is always a margin of error with actual DA of any given site.

  2. It’s not so easy to increase DA of a website in some days. It is a long-term process and very difficult to increase DA from 30. I have my new site but still, its DA is only 1. Really we have to do some activities like infographics as you mentioned in your article.

  3. Yes right, I agree with these all points. In traditional language people call “customer is king” and in online world, we call content is king Therefore we can say “content is the greatest asset for any website.


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