How To Hide Hashtags on Instagram Easily in 2023?

Most Instagram Influencers use more than 8 hashtags. The engagement rate of the post depends on the number of hashtags used. However, if you have several hashtags, it will look clumsy. In this post, you will learn how to hide hashtags on Instagram with Tailwind.

Hashtags are important. They are how we got found and drive engagement to the post. As per Agorapulse, Instagram post with hashtags receives 70% more engagement than those without hashtags.

Though they are important, they do not look beautiful.

Look at the image below and see the number of hashtags used on the post. Does it look beautiful?

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Instagram posts with more hashtags

How To Hide Hashtags On Instagram Easily With Tailwind?

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How To Hide Hashtags on Instagram Easily

Wondering how to keep your Instagram pretty?

That’s very easy.

Just put the hashtags in your first comment instead of the caption.

With Tailwind, you can easily do that. Tailwind is the best tool to automate your Instagram posting.

Check out this guide on how to automate your Instagram posting.

With the new feature from Tailwind, you can easily:

  1. Add Hashtags to the first comment.
  2. Hide Hashtags on the caption
  3. Separate hashtags to keep a few in the caption and others in your first comment.

How To Hashtags To The First Comment

Open the Tailwind app. Upload the image or video and type the #symbol to get the hashtag suggestions.

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hashtags in the first comment

Add the hashtags or choose the frequently used ones.

Check the box to move those comments from your caption to your 1st comment.

Schedule your post for the best time.

Hide Your Instagram Hashtags On Caption

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Hide Your Instagram Hashtags On Caption

There is another way to hide Instagram hashtags.

It is hiding the Instagram hashtags on the caption. It will help you keep your post and feed looking good.

To hide the Instagram hashtags on the caption, you need to format your caption in a way that adds a line break. This will push your hashtags to the more section of the caption where they still do the job of increasing reach and engagement.

This makes your caption stand out from the crowd and doesn’t look Spam. To auto-post on Tailwind, you need a Business Account.

Benefits Of Tailwind For Instagram

Tailwind increased my blog traffic. Learn how to use Tailwind For Pinterest and increase your traffic.

Let us see the benefits of using Tailwind For Instagram.

Save You Time With Auto Posting

You can automate your Instagram posting if you have a business account. You just need to create an image, write the right caption and schedule the post. Try Tailwind For free and schedule up to 30 posts.

Post At The Right Time

Tailwind’s smart algorithm helps you post your post at the right time in order to get more engagement.

Check What’s Working For You

Tailwind shows the analytics of your account. You can view the top-performing post, the number of likes, and comments on your posts. You can check the followers as well as your growth.

Find The Right Hashtags

With the Tailwind Hashtag finder, you can find the perfect hashtag for every post. With just one click, you can hide your hashtag on the caption and even move it to the first comment.

Final words

I hope you have learned how to hide hashtags on Instagram easily with Tailwind. Hashtags are important to drive engagement.

9 hashtags were the right number. Use it wisely and keep your caption clean. Use Tailwind and drive engagement to your posts.

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