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Easy Way To Automate Instagram Posts In 2024

Wondering how to automate Instagram posts?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn how you can use a tool to Automate Instagram Posts and increase your Instagram followers.

Try Tailwind.

Tailwind is the Best Pinterest Scheduling Tool. But are you aware that it can be used to automate Instagram Posts too? Learn how to use Tailwind to schedule and post to Instagram directly.

How To Automate Instagram Posts Using Tailwind?

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How to Automate Instagram Posts Easily

Tailwind for Pinterest is used to schedule, manage and automate Pinterest pins. We used Tailwind to increase Pinterest reach.

How To Automate Instagram Posts And Schedule Them Using Tailwind

To schedule posts on your Instagram account, you need to have a business account. If you do not have one, you can easily convert it to a business account. You can follow the steps mentioned here.

Now, let us see how to schedule Instagram Posts using Tailwind.

If you are not using Tailwind already, you can grab it for free here.

The Free Trial account does not have any time limit. You can use it until you publish 30 Instagram posts.

After you have connected your Instagram account to Tailwind, you need to choose the number of posts you want to publish each day. Tailwind will analyze your account and shows the best time to post.

choose number of posts
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To schedule a post, go to the Drafts tab. You will get the screen as shown in the image below.

Upload images to Tailwind
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Click on “Chrome Extension” to install the browser extension. Based on your browser, the extension will change.

For example, if you are using Firefox, it will show Firefox Extension to install. It gave me the option to install Chrome Extension as I was using Google Chrome.

Click on the Tailwind Extension on your browser’s toolbar.

Choose the image you want to post and click on the schedule button. 

You can select either schedule now or save for a later option.

If you select the “Save for later” option, the image will be saved in the drafts section. You will schedule it later at your convenient time.

If you select the “Schedule Now“ option, it will be scheduled right away.

Smart Scheduling

Just like Pinterest, it offers a smart scheduler for Instagram too.

Smart Scheduler for Instagram
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To check your Posting Schedule, click on “Your Schedule”. It will display the time your post will be published.

Analytics and Reports

The insights section gives a detailed report about the analytics and reports.

Profile Performance

The profile performance section gives detailed information about the number of followers, likes, comments, and posts.


With Post Inspector, you can view the individual performance of your posts like comments, and likes.

Killer Features Of Tailwind For Instagram

Bulk Uploader

You can upload images in bulk at once with Tailwind for Instagram on your desktop browser.

You can quickly import the images from your hard drive, Dropbox, or anywhere else.

By scheduling Instagram posts in bulk and in advance, you can save time.

Crop Your Images

You can crop your images with the perfect image size for Instagram.

Note: You must have an Instagram Business account and have Auto Posting enabled to use cropping with Tailwind.

To crop your images, go to drafts and click on the crop icon on the image which is at the top left corner.

Click Landscape for a 1.91:1 aspect ratio. Select Square for a perfect 1:1 square aspect ratio. Select Portrait for a 4:5 vertical aspect ratio.

For more information on crop features, click here.

Instagram Story

You cannot auto-publish your Instagram stories. Instead, you can use SMS notifications and publish Instagram stories.

To publish Instagram stories, you need to use the Tailwind app on your iOS device.

Hashtag Lists

With Hashtag lists, you can create a custom list of hashtags.

Click on the hashtag icon to use the saved hashtag or create a new one while editing the post.

create hashtag lists
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Hashtag Finder 2.0

Tailwind has updated its hashtag finder and it’s called “Tailwind Hashtag Finder 2.0”.

With the new hashtag finder, it is easy to increase your reach and engagement on Instagram.

When you edit the title, the hashtag finder will show the relevant and best hashtags for you. You just need to click on it to increase your reach.

As hashtags are important on Instagram, Tailwind’s Hashtag finder 2.0, helps grow your account.

Suggested Hashtags
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The suggested hashtags come in different colors which will let you know the hashtags are good, best, and competitive.

To check the number of posts associated with each hashtag, just hover over it.

The feature gives you the option to shuffle and eliminate the hashtag.

To shuffle the hashtag, just click on the shuffle icon. It helps you to find more hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

If any irrelevant hashtags are displayed, you can eliminate them easily by clicking on the “X” button next to them.

Want to check a video explaining this feature? Then check out the video below

Benefits Of scheduling Instagram Posts Using Tailwind

Save Time

Your convenient time to post will not be the best time to publish the post.

Scheduling ahead will save lots of time and you can enjoy your day without a headache.

Give a Consistent Look To Your Account

Consistent posting gives your account a good feel.

The scheduler allows a bird’s eye view of your plan.

Option To Upload Using Desktop or Mobile

At times, you may be away from your computer. Scheduling posts using a mobile will be of great help. With Tailwind, you can easily schedule with both desktop and mobile (for iOs only).

Gain Followers and Increased Engagement

According to this study, if you post more than eight times a week you can easily increase your followers.

And if you follow the golden rule of posting only killer posts, you can easily increase engagement on your account.

Final Words

I thought Tailwind is only for Pinterest. But, it is easy to use it for Instagram too. I hope, you have learned how to automate Instagram posts using Tailwind.

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