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7 Easy Tips To Create A Money Making List Post in 2024

Money Making List Post!

Huh, it’s nothing but an exaggeration.

You might be thinking like this.

How one can create a money-making list post?

Don’t worry I will prove you can create it easily.

Neither huge hard work nor any scientific method is required.

What if it helps you achieve your overall money-making goals?

I would prove it at the end of this post. You could understand my proof only if you fully read this post.

I am not selling anything in the whole post. Just I want to benefit you because you are the one for whom I am blogging. Am I correct? Period.

You must have read hundreds of list posts so far.

How many of them do you still remember?

Hardly a few because you are not a memory king.

Why do you still remember them?

Obviously because of their quality.

Bad list posts are nowhere and good ones are still being created, read, and shared.

This is the simple reason why we remember a good list post and forget the bad one.

Tips To Create A Money Making List Post

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Tips To Create A Money Making List Post

What Is A Money-Making List Post Anyway?

A money-making list post is not the one you create formally. It needs to cover the topic in a list.

Wondering how it can make money?

It can be done in several ways:

  • It can bring more traffic if you are a beginner
  • Influencers can be attracted by it
  • Gets you more social share
  • Gets you more leads
  • And Finally, you can sell products with it.

Clarify The List Post Title Clearly

You are writing for your readers. So, to help your readers understand more you should clarify your list post title clearly.

Instead of saying, 9 tips for motivation you can say Blogging Motivation: 9 Easy Steps to Get Started

The introduction And Conclusion Of The Post Are Important

Covering all the points in the body is not enough. You should give importance to the introduction and conclusion of your list post.

You should highlight the problem in the introduction. Explain it briefly in the body and suggest any solution to their problem at the conclusion.

Never Forget To Diversify The Topic

People get bored when you cover just a single aspect related to your niche on the list post. So, you need to treat them differently.

Following are some of the lists usually made









The Post Should Give Benefits And Not Features

People love benefits both for free and for the price.

Your list post should highlight the benefits for the people after reading it. It should not highlight the features alone.

A simple headline promising something will not attract people. It should promise how people can get more by doing less.

For example, 4 Ways to make money online is not the correct headline.

4 easy ways to make money without any investment should be the right one.

Pick The Best Points

You cannot write unique points in your list post.

Most of those points in every topic may be already covered in different posts or on a different blog.

To help your readers, you must pick the best points from the available ones.

Always Ignore Weak Points

Never talk about weak points. Do not create a list posts on topics that are already discussed.

For example, creating a post titled “10 Best WordPress Themes” is a waste of time.

Instead, you can highlight the 10 Best Adsense Theme to Increase Revenue.

Make All The Points Purposeful

All the points on your list post should benefit you and your readers.

Here are a few examples

You can mention any influencers related to the field

Attach the affiliate link on the list post which solves the reader’s problem.

In short, your point is to achieve your goals i.e. increasing traffic or selling the product.

Final words

These are the easy ways to create a money making list post. It will help you get more traffic and increase your sales.

It will not happen with a single list post. You can create as many list posts following the tips given above and make more money.

How many list posts you have created so far and how was their result? Share your views to add value to this post.

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