9 Reasons You Should Write List Posts in 2021

Reasons You Should Write List Posts

List Posts are the ultimate promotional tool for any blog.

They attract new readers and get linked a lot.

Bloggers love them because they are easier to write and don’t require the level of detail put into regular text posts. Here are 9 Reasons You Should Write List Posts.

9 Reasons You Should Write List Posts

Easy to Write

With normal essay-style posts, you need to think a lot about structure and topic. Often, these articles start from somewhere and end up somewhere else. Lists let you stay focused on the topic and make writing easy.


Since you stay focused on a topic, you can write to them really fast.

Check: How to focus on your blog and avoid distractions.

Readers Love Them

All of your readers do not have time. Some read your blog when they are in a hurry and do not have time to read (scan) an essay-style post.

On the other hand, list posts are easily scanned and readers get a good idea of a topic without investing much time.

Reasons You Should Write List Posts
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Reasons You Should Write List Posts

Easy Titles

It may take a lot of time to write a good title that conveys the message of the post and at the same time, interest the reader. List posts have titles like “10 Easy Ways to ________” etc. and you do not need to invest much time for a good title.


Lists look better than regular posts. They have short paragraphs which make them more readable. You can also customize lists by using basic HTML which makes them look even better.


List posts can be bigger and yet easier to read. Just imagine what would have happened if we would have written  Free Tools and Services for Bloggers as a long article and not as lists within a long list?


List posts are usually more popular than normal ones due to the above-mentioned reasons. You can get more comments and search engine hits.

Bookmark Friendly

List Posts also perform well on Social Bookmarking websites.

Fewer Complications

Lists posts make them look less complicated. You can use lists as steps for your tutorial.

Do List Posts Still Work?

This is a question I have heard many times. Many bloggers argue that list posts are dead now. But they are not!

Have you written a list post? Did it get more attention or was it just like others? Do share your experience in comments

9 Reasons You Should Write List Posts in 2021
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