How To Create Mailchimp Subscribe Form with WPForms Easily in 2023?

Wondering how to Create Mailchimp Subscribe Form with WPForms?

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Check out this post and learn how you can Create Mailchimp Subscribe Form using WPForms easily.

About WPForms

Every website needs a contact form so that visitors will be able to reach the site owner easily.

WPForms is the popular, user-friendly WordPress plugin you need to use.

It has many features that help you grow your business easily. You can create different types of forms namely multi-page forms, order forms, file upload forms, and payment forms.

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WPForms has a special option that allows you to integrate WPForms with Mailchimp. It is possible with the MailChimp Addon.

Mailchimp add-on allows you to integrate the forms created with WPForms with the Mailchimp account.

Benefits of using Mailchimp Addon

Following are some of the benefits of using the Mailchimp addon:

  • It is easy to use.
  • The best type of subscription.
  • Reduces the need to install additional plugins.
  • Increases the subscribers.

How To Create Mailchimp Subscribe Form with WPForms?

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Create Mailchimp Subscribe Form with WPForms

Let us see how to use WPForms and Mailchimp add-ons to create a subscription form.

Install WPForms And Mailchimp Addon

The first step is to install and activate the WPForms plugin.

From the dashboard of your WordPress site, click on “Plugins“.

Then click on “Add New” and Enter “WPForms” in the search bar.

After that install and activate the plugin.

Note: WPForms is free to use with the basic features. To use the premium features like the addon, you need to purchase the pro version. Get the WPForms Pro version at the best discount today!

After activating the plugin, navigate to the “Addons” section where you can use see all the premium add-ons.

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If you are unable to see the add-ons, you can click on the refresh add-on button.

From the list of add-ons, you can search for “Mailchimp addon” and install it. Once it is installed, you can see the active status next to it.

Create a Form

After activating the add-ons, it is time to create a subscription form.

Follow the steps below:

Click on WPForms from the dashboard of your WordPress site.

Then click on “Add New” to create a new form.

From the list of available forms, click on “Newsletter Sign Up Form” and click on create.

In the form editor screen, you will get the fields for the newsletter sign-up form.

If you want to add any new fields, you can just drag and drop the field from the left side of the form editor.

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Adding the GDPR field in the form is very easy.

Once the field is added, you can make any changes to it by just clicking on it.

if you want to use the GDPR Agreement field you can enable it from WPForms » Settings and click on the GDPR Enhancements checkbox.

Do not forget to click on the “Save” button once the changes are updated.

Connect the Subscription Form with Mailchimp Account

After the form fields are added to the subscription form, it is time to connect it to your Mailchimp account.

Just click on Marketing -> Mailchimp.

Then click on “New Connection“.

Enter a connection name for your form.

Add Mailchimp API Key
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Next, you will be asked to enter the Mailchimp API key.

You can grab the API key from your Mailchimp account.

Copy the API key and paste it here and click on connect button.

Then you need to choose the account and the email list.

Configure your Subscription Form Notifications and Confirmations

By default, the form notifications are enabled. If you wish, you can change the form notification settings from the notifications tab.

You can use the form confirmation option to let the user know after the completion of the form.

form confirmation options
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You will get three options for form confirmation:

Message- This is the default confirmation message that displays after the form submission. You can customize the message.

Display page- You can display a customized page after the file upload form submission.

Redirect– You can redirect the users when they submit the form to the new URL.

You can configure the confirmation message by clicking on the Confirmation tab in the form editor under Settings.

Add Mailchimp Subscription Form

After making all the required changes, it is time to add the Mailchimp subscription form to your post/page.

In the post/page editor, click on the add block and choose WPForms or you will directly see the WPForms icon.

Choose your form from the drop-down list (in this case file upload form). Click on Add Form.

Final Words

That’s all about how to create Mailchimp subscribe form with WPForms.

WPForms has many add-ons. The Mailchimp add-on helps bloggers to get subscribers to their websites.

Get started with WPForms today!

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