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Ultimate Event Blogging Guide 2024:Make Easy Money Online

Looking for the Best Event Blogging Guide Online?

You have reached the right place.

Event Blogging has become very popular now.

Even the high authority sites started doing event blogging. Since event blogs generate a huge amount of money within 2 to 3 days many people have started doing it. 

If you are not aware of event blogging, check out this event blogging guide using which you can make money easily with your event blogs.

Ultimate Event Blogging Guide: Make Money With Event Blogs

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Ultimate Event Blogging Guide

What Is Event Blogging Or Event Niche Blog?

Event blogging is a type of blogging, which are done targetting the audience on the event dates.

They are a temporary blog that only works on that day or before. You can make money with Event-Based Niche Blogs by driving huge traffic to these blogs from search engines.

How To Start An Event-Based Blog?

Here are the steps to start an event-based blog and make money online.

Find The Perfect Event

As the name says an event is an important factor when building up an Event-Based Niche Blog. You want to choose a perfect niche that has more searches and low competition.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to find the highly searched event. The events like New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas…etc have high searches on Google.

You want to find a keyword that has large searches and low competition. This is the only secret method to get success in niche blogs.

Register A Domain

You want to find a domain for your event-based niche blog that is related to the event name. No problem if it is lengthy. Make sure that your domain name contains the main keyword.

For Example, If you are going to start a Valentine’s Day blog you can register valentinedaywishes.com, valentinedaywallpapers.com….etc

You can get a domain for less than a dollar from Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Create A Blog

The Next step is to create an awesome blog for your brand-new domain. So the next question will be, Which CMS do you want to choose? WordPress or Blogger?

I suggest you go with Blogger because it is very easy to use and it doesn’t require web hosting.

It also performs well in Search Engines. All my niche blogs are in Blogger and it works well for me.

Choose A Theme

Next, you want to choose a perfect attractive theme.  You want to use a new and fresh theme to get a great ranking on Google. 

Don’t use old themes or templates because it has a very high possibility to get no ranking.

Start Posting

After setting up the blog, you want to write fresh content (blog posts) for your Event-Based Niche Blog. You can post anything related to the event there.

Eg:- Wallpapers, Quotes, Greeting Cards, Greeting words, Games, Products, etc

Don’t try to copy others’ content.

Google doesn’t like duplicate content and it will decrease your blog ranking. Instead, write as much low-quality content as possible.

You want to do both ON Page SEO and OFF page SEO to get a good rank in search results. SEO is a key factor in the success of niche marketing.

For on-page SEO, you want to choose a nice theme and quality content that contain heading tags and main keywords.

For Off-page SEO, link building is the main thing you want to do. You want to build quality backlinks to rank well. You can link to your blog homepage with the main keywords according to the event.

eg:- HappyNewyear 2023, Happy New Year 2023 wallpapers….etc.

Start Monetizing

Now is the time for monetizing your niche blog. You can make money from that blog using different methods like Affiliate Marketing, CPC Ads, In-Text Ads…etc.

I suggest you use Google Adsense, Chitika, and Infolinks for advertising and the Amazon affiliate program for Affiliate Marketing.

Final Words

So that’s about the Ultimate Event Blogging Guide. Now you are able to start an event-based niche blog and generate income. You can make it successful by following all the 7 steps specified in this post.

Just start a blog and do some SEO. Then check the stats and position in the search engine for your keyword. Just go to the calendar and find the latest and most profitable event :). Wish you all the best.

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