How to Choose a WordPress Theme For Your Blog Easily in 2023?

Wondering how to choose a WordPress Theme?

Then you are in the right place.

A good theme is very important for the blog. In this post, we will see How To Choose a WordPress Theme For Your Blog.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme For Your Blog?

How to Choose a WordPress Theme For Your Blog
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How to Choose a WordPress Theme For Your Blog

Each day, the number of people entering the blogging world keeps increasing.

Most of the newbies will be in confusion when choosing the perfect theme for their blog.

GeneratePress and Astra are our favorite WordPress themes that we use on our niche websites.

This article will guide you effectively on how to choose a WordPress for your blog which may have all the recommended features.

Fast Loading

The loading time of the website is important as it is one of the ranking factors. Themes with excess coding or animations take a long time to load.

A slow-loading website irates the visitors and makes them exit the page. Even Google does not like slow-loading websites.

While choosing a theme for your WordPress theme, always choose a theme that loads fast.

You can consider GeneratePress. It weighs less than 30KB and loads in less than a minute.


You might have heard about the responsive theme. The responsive theme looks fit on every device on which the blog is being used, or in other words, it may work properly on every screen size.

Desktop, Laptop, Tab, and Mobile are the most popular devices which are being used widely in the world and they have different sizes of screens.

So, if the theme is responsive then it will work properly on every device otherwise it will appear disturbed on small-size screens.

If your blog is targeting visitors mostly from Tab and Mobile or other devices with different screen sizes, then you should look for the responsiveness feature in your template.

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Eye-Catching Design

Another thing that you should look at in the theme is the design. The design should be unique, eye-catching, and user-friendly.

The design is another thing that helps to attract visitors. If your design is beautiful and most loved by people then people will stay for a long time on your blog.

The colors are also an important thing that should be used wisely by the developer while designing the theme.

It may have light colors that may not affect the visitor’s eyes. In other words, the colors should be eye-friendly.

And the important thing is it may contain the background of the content as it is being done on most popular sites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

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SEO Optimized

The most important feature which you’ve to look for in the template while choosing is that it should be SEO optimized.

Have you heard about SEO? I think yes.

The SEO Optimized template lets you help to gain some more organic traffic. It is the on-page work of SEO that the designer has to do while designing any template.

A designer has to set an H1 tag for the post title and insert a related posts widget which helps to improve internal linking, meta descriptions, meta keywords, disabling archive links for index, and some other things.

Adsense Or Ads Optimized

The ad spaces are also important if you want to monetize your blog.

The theme should contain less than four ad spaces on every page.

Let me tell you which are the best places for ads to get more monetized. The first ad space should be in the header and the recommended size is a 468×60 banner and 728×90 leaderboard.

The second place is below the post title with the size 300×250 or a little more. The third place is in the sidebar with the appropriate size of 300×250 or 250×250.

And the last space is under or below the post which may have a 300×250 or 468×60 size.

Easy Navigation

Menus are also important to make the navigation of your blog easier. I recommend choosing a theme that may have two navigation menus.

The first menu will be the main menu which will contain the categories of your blog.

If your blog is based on a micro-niche then make sure it also has a drop-down menu. Because the drop-down menu is important for micro-niche blogs to make the navigation better.

The second menu will be for the pages like About Us, Contact Us, Sitemap, and Privacy Policy.

These pages are also important for your blog and the theme must have a menu to insert them.

Plugin Compatability

Plugins improve the functionality of your website, so it’s important to ensure that your chosen WordPress theme is compatible with popular plugins.

You need to research whether the theme supports the plugins you plan to use, such as contact forms, SEO optimization, social media integration, and e-commerce functionalities.

Compatibility will ensure seamless integration and maximize the potential of your website.

User Reviews and Support

User reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into a theme’s performance and user satisfaction.

Research user experiences and feedback on reputable platforms to gain a better understanding of a theme’s pros and cons.

Also, choose a theme that offers dedicated support, regular updates, and detailed documentation.

A supportive theme developer can be instrumental in resolving any issues and helping you get the most out of your chosen theme.

Want a Theme With All These Features?

There is good news for you if you want the template with all the above-mentioned or also some other features.

GeneratePress and Astra are our favorite WordPress themes that we use on our niche websites.


That’s all about how to choose a WordPress theme for your blog.

These were some features that you’ve to look at in the theme that you’re going to choose for your blog.

I hope this article helps you to choose a theme for your WordPress website. Please share your views in the comments and also share this article with your friends.

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