Tailwind Create: SkyRocket Social Media Marketing Easily in 2023

It’s well known that Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler, but have you heard about Tailwind Create? This is a useful feature that now saves more time with images that are designed quickly and scheduled directly.

Did you ever want a tool to design high-quality images for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest?

Well, Tailwind Create is what you need.

It’s time to stop staring at a blank screen and start thinking about designs instead. With this new feature, you can quickly and easily create Instagram posts, Facebook images, Instagram Stories, and Pins within a few seconds.

In the past, Tailwind Create was only available for Pinterest, but now Facebook and Instagram have been added. 

Let me give you a quick overview of what it does and how you can save time while designing quality images with it.

Tailwind Create Best Features

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Tailwind create review

The following are a few of Tailwind Create’s best features, based on my personal experience.

Even though I have been using Tailwindapp for years, I believe a new feature is a crucial tool for bloggers.

For people like me who manage all their blogging tasks by themselves, Tailwind Create will be the right choice.

  • It saves you over half of your time on image creation.
  • Creating a design takes seconds. It is a fast-paced process. In no time, you’ll have a collection of fresh, high quality designs.
  • The designs are professional and creative. It is always possible to edit any element or text using this tool.
  • With Tailwind Create, all graphics are automatically branded with your logo, your brand’s colors, and a font of your choice. It saves time.
  • With just one click, you have access to several Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram designs. There is no need to worry about image dimensions. With Tailwind Create, your Facebook and Instagram posts will be optimized.

That’s great, right?

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Tailwind App Pricing 

Tailwind’s pricing has been revised, which is good news for  Tailwind users.

I will explain it here.

Tailwind Pricing plan
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As of today, Tailwind app users have access to a forever free subscription plan.

You can publish up to 20 posts on Instagram and Pinterest for free. You also have 20 Tailwind Create posts. The monthly submission of 30 articles from 5 communities is also included in the package. 

There are 3 other plans now;

Pro Plan – $14.99/ month or $119.88/year ($9.99/month paid annually)

Advanced Plan – $29.99/month or $239.88/year ($19.99/month paid annually)

Max Plan – $59.99/month or $479.88/year ($39.99/month paid annually)

When you sign up for the Pro plan, you receive 200 Tailwind Create posts. Basically, you can create as many designs as you like, but you can only schedule or download 200 of them.

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How to use Tailwind Create For Instagram Stories and Facebook Posts

Let us now explore Tailwind Create for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Login to the App

Login to the Tailwind app and access ‘New’ at the left corner. 

select tailwind create
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At the left corner of the tailwind app dashboard, you will see ‘new’. 

A window will pop up.

Add brand preferences

Add brand preferences
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This feature allows you to give the details you want to your image designer, so your image design process will go much faster.

Get Started

This is the step at which all the ingredients are combined to create magic. 

Choose a stock image, attach a link, and add a title. Images can be selected from the original blog post or uploaded from your computer. Alternatively, you can search Tailwind Create’s library of stock images.

In the free plan, you can only access free images. In the pro plan, you’ll have access to premium elements and photos.

Get Beautiful Designs In Seconds

Magic takes place here! The scroll-stopping designs for Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins keep me engrossed for hours.

You can modify the design settings.

  • Change the color palette and select from other beautiful palettes
  • Change the text and font
  • Add a subtitle and click to action
  • Upload new photos 

Select the Post Type and Category

You can select the type of post you want at this step. Instagram stories, Facebook feed posts, Instagram posts, and Pinterest pins can be selected. 

I selected Instagram stories. 

You can also choose the number of photos that you want in your designs. 

More filtered designs can be found by selecting the type of content under a category. You can also choose a promo campaign or minimalistic design. 

Look at Tailwind Create designs

Tailwind Create Designs
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With just a few clicks, I got hundreds of Instagram stories. I can simply edit the text and select my favorite Instagram designs.

Your Instagram posts can be saved or scheduled directly from the Tailwind app. I even think this is the best part! 

Then, schedule social media posts along with your content creation.

Final Words

That’s all about the review of TailWind Create and how you can use it to skyrocket your social media marketing.

Try out Tailwind Create yourself and see if it’s worth it.

There are two things I like about it. 

First and foremost, it’s a time-saving tool.

A second reason is that these designs are impressive. Whenever you don’t like a few designs, there are a lot of other options available to you.

Tailwind Create: SkyRocket Social Media Marketing Easily
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Tailwind Create automatically applies your logo, brand colors, fonts to all of your graphics. It is the best tool to skyrocket your social media marketing easily.

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