7 Essential SEO Tips For WordPress eCommerce Sites in 2023

Looking for SEO Tips for WordPress eCommerce sites? Then you are in the right place.

Your online store is where you’ll be getting most of your money from, but just having a well-designed eCommerce site is not enough to get your business off the ground.

The thing about anything online is that, without the right direction, you can be really hard to find. That’s where SEO comes into the picture.

Even if you’re already aware of how to convert your PSD to WooCommerce, it’s hard to take full advantage of that platform without an audience to view it.

And so we’ve selected 7 tips that should help your WordPress-based eCommerce sites reach better SEO scores.

7 SEO Tips For WordPress eCommerce Sites

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Essential SEO Tips For WordPress eCommerce Sites

Here are the 7 essential SEO tips for WordPress eCommerce Sites.

Never Forget Your Product Description

With SEO, the general rule of thumb has always been “content is king.”

Content will make or break your SEO campaign, as it’s the keywords and text readability that make it friendly to the Google algorithm, making it easier to be found.

This matters even for smaller bits of content, such as product descriptions.

Ensuring that product descriptions are as informative as they are search engine-friendly is the key to making sure your eCommerce site finds its audience.

Handle Page Titles With Care

Page titles play as big a part in your store’s SEO as the product descriptions.

Just like in the previous case, it’s extremely important to maintain a balance of descriptive yet concise, on top of making them search engine-friendly.

With good category pages, your clients will have no problem finding the products they want.

The golden rule is that you have to make sure your website is optimized for people first and foremost.

Make Navigation Easy

The fewer steps it takes for a customer to buy their product, the more likely they are to buy.

This is why making sure that your site navigation is simple is so important to good eCommerce SEO.

This is another aspect in which you have to prioritize people, as Google will have no trouble crawling every page of your site – humans need that help, though.

Employ Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumb links are one of the most commonly used means of making navigation easy.

They’re a set of links that show up on top of product pages that help them navigate to previous categories or landing pages with little effort.

Keep URLs Short

This is easily achievable through WordPress permalinks.

Those allow you to use keywords within your URLs instead of product IDs, which vastly improves the process of navigating your site by visitors.

Custom Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are a curious case, as they’re not really directly beneficial to SEO.

By ensuring that you have a custom-made description that is directly targeted at the audience you want to reach, you greatly increase your click-through rates.

That is why it’s important to take a minute to flesh out your meta descriptions to the best of your ability.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Nothing will hit your website harder than duplicate content.

You might have pages on your site that cover similar ground, but as long as the content itself is not identical, you should be good to go.

Google can penalize you by removing your content from their rankings if you have duplicate content on your website.

Make sure all of the content on your site is unique not only within the website but also across the internet in general.

Final Words

That’s all about the essential SEO tips for WordPress eCommerce sites.

SEO is not easy. But for e-commerce websites that live on how accessible they are to the consumers, every little bit is important.

You will make a difference in the sales and revenue you achieve each year.

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