Monster Insights Review – Is It The Best Analytics Plugin In 2021?

Are you looking for the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress? Check out this Monster Insights Review and learn why it is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Monster Insights Review: Is It The Best Google Analytics Plugin?

MonsterInsights Review
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MonsterInsights Review

Why You Need an Analytics Plugin?

Google Analytics is the best tool to check the trends and analytics of your website. 

Using it, you can get a lot of valuable data to improve your website. Google even has an academy to help you understand it. However, everyone cannot understand how to use Google analytics.

There are a lot of options to choose from. You need to choose the right one to get your data correctly. Else, you will get lost or get incorrect data about your website.

Having a Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress site removes all the hassles.

They are easy to set up and you can check your analytics data right from the dashboard of your website.

Here comes Monster Insights, the Best Google Analytics Plugin for your site. In this Monster Insights review, we will see what makes this plugin as the Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.

What Is Monster Insights?

Monster Insights Popularity - Monster Insights Review
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Monster Insights Popularity

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin using which you can track and manage Google Analytics data easily from the dashboard of your website.

MonsterInsights is owned by the same team that’s behind WPBeginnerOptinMonster, and WPForms.

The original name of the plugin is Google Analytics for WordPress By Yoast.

In 2016, Syed Balkhi bought and renamed it as Monster Insights.

They enhanced the features and it remains the best Google Analytics plugin with over 15 million downloads.

How To Set Up MonsterInsights

If you have purchased the license, you can download the core files from its site. The name of the file is

To install the plugin, navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and then select the downloaded zip file. Then click Install Now > Activate Plugin.

Monster Insights Setup
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After activating the plugin, go to Insights > Settings. On the General tab, click on Authenticate and connect your Google Analytics account.

Then click on the reports tab. You can see the analytics data for the past 30 days. Here is the data collected for one of our sites using this plugin.

Report overview - Monster Insights Review
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Report overview

Monster Insights Review – Best Features

Here are the best features of Monster Insights

Best Features of Monster Insights
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Best Features of Monster Insights

To view the complete features, click here.

Top Reasons Why You Need Monster Insights

Easy To Setup

You can create a google analytics account easily. But to link it to your website is not an easy task for everyone.

Monster Insights removes all these hassles and you can connect your Google Analytics account to your website easily within a few seconds.

Get Reports In Your WordPress Dashboard

You can get the performance report of your website right from the dashboard.

There is no need to login to the Google Analytics website every day to check the performance of your website.

You can get all the data within the dashboard of your WordPress site.

You can see the following data from your dashboard

Top posts and pages

Traffic Sources

Top Countries

Pageviews, Bounce Rate and more.

File Download Tracking

If you offer downloadable freebies to your visitors like zip files, PDFs, etc you need to find out whether they are actually downloading it.

Once you are able to track it, you can offer content which the end-user wants without wasting your time.

Ads Tracking

With Monster Insights, you can easily track your ads. If you run Google Adsense on your site, you can optimize your ads.

With Ads Tracking feature, you can track the number of clicks on your ad. You can discover which ads are ignored by the visitors thereby identifying effective ad placement.

Enhanced Link Attribution

Enhanced Link Attribution - Monster Insights Review
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You can track the number of clicks received by a link. Suppose, there are two or more links on a page, you can track which link received most clicks.

You can also track which landing page is effective or which call to action button converts better.

With all this information, you can optimize every page and get high conversions.

No Third-Party Account Required

If you use Jetpack to get the statistics of your website, you need to create a account. But to use Monster Insights you do not need to create any other account.

Just connect your Google Analytics with Monster Insights and get your website’s performance data.

Monster Insights Pricing Review & Details

Monster Insights has three plans namely Plus, Pro and Agency. They cost $199, $399 and $799 respectively.

All plans come with 14 days money-back period. If you are unhappy with the product, you can cancel and get a 100% refund within this period.

If you are still on the fence, you can try the lite version of the plugin. You can download it here.

Pros and Cons of Monster Insights


Very easy to set up.
View all analytics data in the WordPress dashboard.
Connect eCommerce sites and collect specific data.


Popular features are only available in higher-priced plans.

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Final words about Monster Insights Review 

That’s all about the Monster Insights Review. Hopefully, this review helps you understand the value of this wonderful tool.

The features of this plugin make it the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Have you ever used MonsterInsights on your WordPress website? Share your comments.

MonsterInsights Review - Is It The Best Analytics Plugin?
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MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin using which you can track and manage Google Analytics data easily from the dashboard of your website.

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Monster Insights Review – Is It The Best Analytics Plugin In 2021?
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