How To Make Google Analytics CCPA Compliant Easily in 2023?

Do you use Google Analytics on your website? Is your Google Analytics CCPA compliant?

Google Analytics is used by many people to track the performance of their websites. Since it collects the site visitors’ information, it is necessary to make it comply with CCPA.

Check out this post and learn how to make your Google Analytics comply with California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA).

What is the California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

California Customer Privacy Act is a new data protection act in the United States that went into effect on January 01, 2020.

This act enhances the privacy rights of the residents of California. This act came into effect to let the customers know how their information was collected and used by the organizations.

This act provides some rights to the residents of California. Some of them are:

  • Right to have their information deleted upon request
  • Right to be informed about the data collected
  • Right to get equal services
  • Right to opt out from sites that share their information

Who needs to comply with CCPA?

This law does not apply to everyone. Only the organizations that meet the criteria should comply with the law. Else they may face huge penalties.

It may vary from $2000 up to $7500 per violation.

If you own a business in the United States, the conditions you need to check are:

  • If your annual revenue is about $25 million or higher.
  • If you buy or sell the personal information of more than 50000 consumers, devices, or households.
  • If 50% or more of your annual revenue is from selling consumers’ personal information.

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Does Google Analytics collect Personal information?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool used by many websites.

It collects some sensitive information about website visitors. The information includes IP address, age, gender, a device used by them, etc.

If you are using Google Analytics and meet the conditions set by CCPA, then you would need to make sure that your Google Analytics is CCPA compliant.

Check out the easiest method to ensure that your Google Analytics complies with the CCPA.

Disclaimer: This post is only for informative purposes. You should not consider this as legal advice. You should contact a Legal person in California to know how to make your organization comply with CCPA.

How to Make Google Analytics CCPA Compliant?

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How to Make Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

To make this work, we will use MonsterInsights which is the best Google Analytics plugin.

With its help, you can easily track all the required information within the dashboard of your WordPress website.

Follow the steps below to make your Google Analytics CCPA complaint.

Install and Activate MonsterInsights

Purchase the premium version of MonsterInsights to enjoy all the benefits.

Download the install the latest version of the plugin and activate it.

Once it is activated, go to “Insights”> “Settings” to verify your license key. You can get this license key from your MonsterInsights account.

Install the EU Compliance addon

Install EU Compliance Addon
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Install EU Compliance Addon

After activating the plugin, click on the addon. Choose EU Compliance and click on “Install” and then activate the addon.

Update Settings

After activating the addon, go to “Settings” and click on “Engagement“.

Then click on “EU compliance“. Here, you will find a list of features.

Enable EU Compliance
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Enable EU Compliance

Disable the required features that need to be updated as per CCPA.

Create Opt out box and Update your Privacy Policy

Opting out from websites is one of the rights of CCPA. So, you would need to create an opt-out consent box.

You can use a plugin like Cookiebot which scans your website and creates an opt-out option.

You should update the privacy policy of your website to inform the website visitors about the type of information you collect.

You need to mention especially that you are complying with the CCPA.

Final Words

Complying Google Analytics with CCPA will not take much time. You can do that within a few minutes using MonsterInsights.

I hope this post on how to make Google Analytics CCPA Compliant helped you. If you liked it, share it with your friends who have doubts about CCPA.

If you have any doubts, let me know in the comment section.

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