How to Monitor & Improve the Website Loading Speed with MonsterInsights Easily in 2023?

Wondering how to monitor and improve the website loading speed?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn the easy way to improve the loading speed of your website easily using MonsterInsights Site Speed Report.

Why Does Site Speed Matter?

Fast loading website makes a good first impression. Visitors will be very happy if the site loads faster.

If the website loads faster, it is considered reliable and professional.

45% of people expect the website to load in under 2 seconds.

38% of people will abandon the website if it takes more than 4 seconds.

Moreover, Website loading speed is one of the important ranking factors per Google.

This is where MonsterInsights Site Speed Report comes in handy.

About MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best Analytics plugin available for WordPress sites.

Using the plugin, you can easily track the traffic of your site using Google Analytics, Scroll Depth tracking, Form Source Tracking, File download Tracking, and many more.

MonsterInsights has introduced the Site Speed Report in its latest version v7.14. Using it, you can check the site speed and use it to improve Google Ranking.

Why MonsterInsights?

  • See Your Homepage’s Overall Performance Score
  • Run an Audit on Your Homepage and See Your Server Response Time
  • Learn How Long It Takes for Your Viewers to Interact With Your Site
  • Learn How to Improve the Core Metrics that Google Uses to Rank Your Site

How to Improve the Website Loading Speed using MonsterInsights

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Improve the Website Loading Speed

Let us see how to use the MonsterInsights plugin to improve the website loading speed.

Install and activate the MonsterInsights Plugin

Follow the steps given below:

  • From the dashboard of your site, click on “Plugins”.
  • Click on “New” and search for “MonsterInsights”.
  • Install and activate the plugin.

Note: MonsterInsights is a free plugin to view Analytics reports. To enjoy the complete features, you need to purchase the premium version.

View Site Speed Report

After the plugin is activated, you can view the site speed report from the Reports tab.

View Site Speed Report
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View Site Speed Report

Follow the steps to view the site speed report:

  • Click on Insights. Navigate to Reports and click on Site Speed.

You will be able to view four different factors in this section.

  • Server Response Time – This is the time taken to respond to the HTTP request by the server.
  • First Contentful Paint – This is the time taken to load visual elements like font and images.
  • Time to Interactive- This is the time when your page first starts loading to when it’s no longer loading.
  • Total Blocking Time- This is the time taken until the user interacts with the website.

Improve the Website Loading Speed

Improve website loading speed
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Improve the website loading speed

Along with the site speed report, MonsterInsights provide detailed tips to improve the website loading speed.

You will see the goal and the recommendation on how to improve the page speed.

For each of the factors, you can see the explanation of common reasons that hinder the speed. You can follow those tips and can achieve the required results successfully.


That’s all about how to monitor and improve the website loading speed. MonsterInsights is the best analytics plugin for WordPress. You will get a detailed report from it.

Using the Site Speed Report, you can see the loading time of your website and follow the tips to improve the website loading speed and increase your Google Ranking.

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