High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites 2020

Google ranks your blog only on quality and not on quantity. In order to get backlinks from high PR blogs, you need the list of dofollow blogs. In this article, you will get high PR dofollow blog commenting sites 2020.

List Of High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites 2020

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. However, you should not spam the sites.

If you leave a good comment on a high PR dofollow site, you will see an increase in visitors to your site. Also, you will get backlinks.

In order to increase your page rank and as well as Alexa rank, you do need backlinks from high PR do follow blogs.

High PR dofollow blog commenting sites
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High PR dofollow blog commenting sites

Before going to the list, let’s see a small introduction of backlinks.


There are two types of backlinks. Do follow and No follow.

When your commented link is followed by Google or another search engine from the site you made your comment, it is a dofollow backlink.

It will have rel =”dofollow”. You can get backlinks easily from those do follow high PR blogs.

Apart from blog commenting, there are many ways to get quality backlinks. I have written, ” 30 ways to get quality backlinks“. You can visit that and see what are the other methods to get quality backlinks.


1. Increase your traffic.
2. Good Alexa rank.
3. Good page rank.

Just for the sake of backlinks, don’t comment on the sites. You should read the post carefully and leave your genuine comments.

Don’t know how to leave a good comment? Recently, my friend Rohan Chaubey wrote a post on “Tips to write amazing comments“. You can refer to the post for tips to comment on other blogs.

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Now here comes the list of high PR do follow blog commenting sites 2020


These the updated list of High PR DoFollow blog commenting sites 2020. Comment on these sites and get a High PR Dofollow backlink to your site.

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    • getamdeal
  1. Sandybrown
  2. maksansolutions
  3. online shopping sites in India
  4. Abhishek //Bangles
  5. Results
  6. david
  7. control panel for ubuntu
  8. SG Associates
  9. John Wright
  10. Orlando
  11. Satish Parnami
  12. David
  13. Jack
  14. Gopal
  15. Jenny
  16. Faisal Zamir
  17. pranav
  18. Tallahassee
  19. mark bailey
  20. Omer Wasti
  21. Emma James
  22. pranav
  23. Amandeep kaur
  24. Jasveer
  25. mandep
  26. Manny
  27. Bala
  28. Michael Smith
  29. Neta
  30. Joy
  31. Ajay Chander R.
  32. Nikita Singh
  33. Bibek
  34. Sahoo
  35. shakeel ahmed
  36. Miami
  37. jivi
  38. Sunny Dayal
  39. Edkirui
  40. Bobby
  41. pramendra yadav
  42. loadedbaze
  43. rohinilakshmi6
  44. Choudhary
  45. Rajesh sharma
  46. moshi
  47. Dr Vipul Rastogi
  48. Dallas
  49. Aimore Technologies
  50. akinfo12
  51. Atlanta
  52. Sarah
  53. Jatinder
  54. Shiva

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