Getting Web Users to Fall in Love with Your Ecommerce Website This Valentine’s Day

Getting Web Users to Fall in Love with Your Ecommerce Website This Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means lovers (and friends) will be looking to buy gifts for one another. As an eCommerce website, you ought to ask yourself “Will I be ready?”

Here’s how to get web users to fall in love with your e-commerce website.

Getting Web Users to Fall in Love with Your Ecommerce Website This Valentine’s Day

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Offer Promotions Leading Up to Valentine’s Day

While shoppers come in all types, one thing they all adore is great deals. Therefore, it is wise to offer alluring promotions ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Try finding a cute way to promote your products. For example, if you sell cosmetics through your e-store, try offering bundles that include a variety of beauty products at a discount.

Then, package the goods in a charming red and pink box complete with a card. Or, if you sell electronics via a Shopify platform, consider selling “two for one” deals on e-readers and tablet computers.

This allows for sweethearts to get something for themselves and their partners.

Refresh Your Site Following Great Design Principles

It’s sometimes fun, during the holidays, to refresh your e-commerce website to match the theme of the celebrations.

Consider updating your theme to be more romantic with small changes to your design elements.

Swapping button colors to red or pink, using hearts to denote sale items, or using scrolling banners to share popular Valentine’s Day products are all easy to accomplish, but convey a significant impact.

Of course, you don’t want to overload your website with cheesy decorations. You’ll still want to follow good design principles so as not to distract or dissuade your visitors.

This means retaining plenty of white space on each page, using holiday design elements sparingly so as not to crowd product pages, keeping menu bars where they are to keep navigation simple and the like. The key is to use a delicate hand when refreshing your site for the holiday.

Show Some Love Over Social Media

Another way to receive love from your customers is to engage with them over social media. This can be done in small ways, such as offering holiday discounts or sharing a message of gratitude on your Facebook business page:

“Thanks to all our customers and followers! We couldn’t do this without your support. As a token of our appreciation, enjoy 10 percent off select items with the coupon code LOVE.”

Similarly, you could host Valentine’s contest or giveaway which puts your shoppers/followers into the spotlight:

“Post an image or video of yourself and your special someone with the tag #JohnsElectronicsOnline for a chance to win a $200 gift card!” It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

And, it could increase your e-store’s visibility on social media.

Use Email Marketing, Sparingly

As you can probably tell, none of these tips are exclusive. You can mix and match these suggestions as needed.

This is because each suggestion has its own strengths. Social media is a good example. You can post three times a day or more without bugging your audience too much.

Email marketing is also a powerful tool for capturing user’s attention, but it needs to be used sparingly.

Too many promotional emails can annoy customers and come off as spammy. So, if you want to use email marketing, stick to maybe one message a week.

What should these messages say? Well, since you are trying to entice Valentine’s Day shoppers, you’ll want to promote holiday-themed sales.

If you operate an on-page blog, consider sharing a few tips for shopping for a significant other based on age, gender, likes and the type of relationship you have.

This blog post can then be linked to your marketing emails.

These kinds of communications alert customers to upcoming promotions, yes. But they also anticipate customer questions and provide guidance.

While shoppers may or may not make purchases based on your suggestions, it will make them feel appreciated, which is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Final Words

That’s all about Getting Web Users to Fall in Love with Your Ecommerce Website This Valentine’s Day.

Getting Web Users to Fall in Love with Your Ecommerce Website This Valentine’s Day
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