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How To Create a Quiz in WordPress Easily in 2024?

Wondering how to create a quiz in WordPress site?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn how you can create quiz forms on your WordPress site easily.

Adding quizzes to your websites helps you in many ways. It increases user engagement and reduces the bounce rate of the site.

Visitors love quizzes and at times they may even go viral on the Internet.

Many websites use quizzes like Vogue, Buzzfeed, etc.

Why do You need to add Quiz to your Site?

There are several benefits to adding quizzes to your website.

  • Gets traffic to your site
  • Increase your subscribers and fan base
  • Reduce the bounce rate
  • Increases user engagement.

Types of Quizzes you can create in WordPress

There is no limit to the types of Quizzes you can make. Based on the niche of your site, you can create different types of quizzes.

Following are some of the widely used quizzes:

  • Knowledge Quiz
  • Personality Quiz
  • Swiper Quiz
  • Fun Facebook Quiz
  • Trivia Quiz

To create a quiz on WordPress, you do not need any special coding skills. All you need is the right quiz builder plugin.

Formidable Forms is the recommended form builder that supports online quizzes.

Another reason is that it helps the users to review the answers and check them before submitting them.

Also, logged-in users can save the quiz and continue later if they wish.

Let us learn how to create a quiz in WordPress easily using Formidable Forms.

How To Create a Quiz in WordPress

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How To Create a Quiz in WordPress Easily

Let us see the steps to create quizzes easily on your WordPress site.

Install the Plugin

The quiz addon is available only on business and higher plans. To create a quiz, get the Formidable Pro plugin with the business plan.

Download and install the latest premium version from here.

Activate the plugin and verify the license key so that you can enjoy all the pro features and updates.

Formidable forms verify license key
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Install the Quiz addon

After activating the plugin, it is time to install the addon to create quizzes.

You can install it easily using the following steps:

From the dashboard of your WordPress, click on Formidable.
Click on Addons.
Choose Quiz Maker addon and click on Install.

Installing quiz addon
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Now, you are ready to create a quiz on your WordPress site.

Create a Quiz Form

Follow the steps below to create a quiz form

Click on Formidable from the WordPress dashboard.
Click on Forms and then select “Add New”.

Just drag and drop the required fields to the form editor to make the quiz interactive.

create a quiz form
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You can include radio buttons and checkboxes for multiple-choice answers. You can also add ReCaptcha to prevent the form from being spam.

Add Quiz Score field

Add the quiz score field to your form which is available at the bottom of the form editor.

You need to add the answers in fields that act as the key to your quiz for scoring.

quiz score
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If you want to display the quiz score, you would need to add the score field in the form success message.

If you prefer a confirmation message instead of a quiz score, you can utilize the views feature of Formidable Forms.

Publish the Quiz Form

After adding all the required fields, quiz key with the quiz score field, it is time to publish the quiz form.

Also, do not forget to save the changes to the form before publishing it.

There are different ways to publish the quiz form.

You can either use the form block or add the shortcode manually on the page or post it on your WordPress site.

That’s all about creating a quiz form.

Whenever the quiz is created or updated, you can view the score in the quiz score field.

Final Words

I hope you have learned how to create a quiz in WordPress easily using Formidable Forms.

There are many types of quizzes you can create. Creativity is the key to that.

You can try Formidable forms risk-free! (14 days money-back guarantee period)

If you find it useful, share it with your friends. If you have any doubts or questions, please comment below.

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